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2023 AUG 01 Wayne Glew Part Two Your Government and Property ownership

2023 JUL 25 Wayne Glew Part One Your Government and Property ownership

2023 MAY 11 Ex WA Aussie Police Officer Wayne Clew Explains the crimes committed by the corporation of Australia against the good sovereigns of Australia

A Tale of Archaeology reveals advanced technology before 21st century communication technology.

2023 NOV 06 There are almost 1000 messianic Jewish believers right now who are serving in the IDF

2023 DEC 18 AUSTRALIA NSW Jewish school Voices of Moriah their rendition of Am Yisrael Chai

2023 DEC 24 Jesus the Christ is the Lamb the Light, GOD with US

2023 DEC 10 Special Christmas Service at Family Worship Centre Baton Rouge LA, US.

2023 DEC 21 The Message of the Cross

2023 DEC 20 The Message of the Cross

2023 DEC 19 The Message of the Cross

2023 DEC 18 The Message of the Cross

2023 DEC 19 THE RAT WHEEL of proportional response has taught HAMAS nothing so Israel declares war against Hamas

2023 DEC 21 We are in a War for the World and the Globalist Elites always reveal their intentions.

2023 NOV 15 Hila Fakliro, 26, survivor of Tribe of Nova music festival.

2023 DEC 11 IS THE POPE CATHOLIC Intervention at the online Conference organized by prof Edmund Mazza

2023 DEC 10 Sunday Evening Special Christmas Service.

2023 DEC 11 Time to Defend Your Freedoms against the Dangerous Digital ID Bill: start with Signing this petition against "Digital ID 2023": Time to say NO

2023 DEC 03 Three major international stories over recent days with special connection to Australia.

2023 DEC 05 Its proof that the New Zealand Government are responsible for the deaths of thousands of their own citizens.

2023 DEC 05 The extent of destruction in Gaza is horrifying

2023 OCT 12 What side are you, actually; wrong the REAL Reason Hamas Attacked Israel.

2023 DEC 03 Israel DEVASTATES Hamas, Houthis, and Hezbollah After Ceasefire | Israel-Hamas War.

2023 NOV 28 Alan Jones and Craig Kelly refreshed our memories that the nation of Australia was subjected to and victims of the “Greatest Crime ever Perpetrated in Australian History.

2023 NOV 30 Liz Gunn, Drops! “The Mother, of All [COVID-19 Vaccine] Revelations” (DATA ANALYSIS Dr Paul Oosterhuis and Winston Smith.)

2023 NOV 30 Liz Gunn, Drops! “The Mother, of All [COVID-19 Vaccine] Revelations” (The Data This is it.)

2023 NOV 26 QUEENSLAND COMMUNIST SOCIALIST GLOBALIST GOVERNMENT have commenced brainwashing your children via the QLD Education System

2023 NOV 25 Hamas sends a message to all the bold brave “Pro Hamas and Palestinian” Protestors.

2023 NOV 18 Ivy League Universities across USA and guarantees a “Bright Future Dawn on The Horizon for the Nation”

2023 NOV 17 The Platform NZ calls out NZ Islamic Federations' calls for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador

2023 NOV 10 YAHALOM Company Samur Unit (Weasel) Begins Destroying Hundreds of Miles of Terror Tunnels dubbed "The Gaza Metro" and its Guerilla Warfare 2.0

2023 NOV 09 Netanyahu tells Bret Baier ceasefire 'means surrender,' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that Israel has no plans to 'govern Gaza'.

2017 MAY 27 Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?

AmeriGeddon 2016 (PG-13)

2023 NOV 09 COVERUP OF THE CENTURY C19 Injectables Inquiry” a “Perpetrators Protection Racket” for Australia’s State Premiers, Chief Ministers, Health Ministers, and Chief Medical Officers and that’s

2023 NOV 03 Australian Government ordered 264.3 million Covid Jabs

2009 OCT 18 David Icke Interview the Global Spiritual Awakening of Humanity (prison planet tv)

2023 OCT 27 What’s next for these countries. Italy, England, Germany France, for example take France the Muslim population is 8-9 % of total populace.

2023 NOV 01 EGYPT, Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV Host Ibrahim Eissa TRUTHBOMBS Hamas twice 1st Civilians Safety and 2nd Hamas Government of Gaza

2023 OCT 20 God hath given them the spirit of slumber. Romans 11 vs. 8

2023 NOV 01 Knesset Lawmakers watch 43-minute-long Raw footage of Oct.7 Hamas atrocities.

2023 OCT 31 Netanyahu the Bible says that there is a time for peace and a time for war.

2023 OCT 30 Hamas Official Mousa Abu Marzouk Gaza Tunnels in Gaza Were Built to Protect Hamas Fighters, Not Civilians. Protecting Gaza Civilians Is the Responsibility of The U.N. And Israel

2022 JUL 01 Al-Aqsa Mosque Imam Mohammed Saleem Ali makes it distinctly clear Western Ideology of Tolerance, Inclusion, Acceptance, Collective Good are not the message of Islam.

2023 JUL 15 UK Police Force 2 policewomen and Plain-clothes Male Detective take down 67-yr-old female villain known as “Twig Cutter” a harden criminal.

2023 OCT 24 Biden’s secretive border crossing scheme (CBP1) over the bridges commenced MAY 2021 from 96 Countries including 24 “Special Interest Countries”.

2023 OCT 24 Australian Home Affairs Engaged a 5th column “PROXY” to “WAGE WAR” on the opinions of all Aussies. We paid the 1+ Million.

2023 OCT 21 Kiwi Whistleblower has provided the withheld Data on the mRNA rollout in NZ and the impact on the people of NZ

2023 OCT 19 Western world needs to wake up Aussie-Israeli weighs in on the war.

2023 OCT 18 NO-SPIN FACTUAL-NEWS War in Israel RebelNews AU Avi Yemini speaks with Lt Col. (Res) Sarit Zehavi, an expert in the region's security challenges.

2023 OCT 17 'Put this in your shoes' Tommy Robinson provide 6 minutes of solid "Earthing" concerning the War in Israel/Gaza

2023 OCT 15 Message to Israel from the True Church of Jesus Christ

2023 OCT 15 A Declaration of Independence To the world by The Senior Law Circle of Australian Indigenous Elders. This 11th day of October 2023

2023 OCT 14 The Ring of Fire begins to darken the skies across the United States.

2023 OCT 14 UNDRIP is referenced in Six of the Ten Guiding Principles of Uluru Statement that turbo-charges (weaponize) six core pillars.

2023 OCT 13 Israel order1.1 million Palestinians to evacuate to Southern Gaza

2023 OCT 12 A Massive Drone Strike is Coming Out of Lebanon and Syria against Israel

2023 OCT 11 Israel is only the first target, warns Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Zahar, MEMRI TV in December 2022.

The War for the World Raged and “I am a Soldier”.

2023 OCT 04 Malcolm Roberts and Samir Banga of BANGA LEGAL to Discuss Albanese's COVID COVERUP.

2023 SEP 30 President Trump addresses The Anarchy of Looting and Pillaging currently occurring in cities in US.

2023 SEP 22 The Top Organization that Managed Warp Speed was the NSA, a Spy Agency, and the Pentagon

2023 SEP 19 THE 14 OCTOBER REFERENDUM Lt Col (Ret) Riccardo Bosi Leader of A1 AustraliaOne Party What is the Really all about

The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)

The Man That Needs No Introduction

2023 SEP 16 Why we seem alone over fixing New Plymouth's dioxin legacy.

2023 SEP 17 Kalgoorlie is No place for the Marshmallow, New Aged Cupcakes; being Tough goes with the Territory.

2023 SEP 16 The NZ Government is yanking your chain “Safety Cameras” Gov SURVEILLANCE is not going to stop voluntarily New Zealanders must drop the self-centred decision making & unite or be enslaved

2023 SEP 08 Chair Helen SECRETARY from Gwalwa Daraniki Association says More and more Indigenous Australians are voting NO TO DIVISION

2023 SEP 07 THE BUILDING BLOCKS: Lies, Guile, Concealment, Communist Activists, Dissemblance. "THE VOICE"

2023 AUG 31 Ivermectin Worked New Peer-Reviewed Study Proves It

2023 SEP 03 What is it about these politicians that don’t understand when #WeThePeople say “NO”

2023 AUG 28 Prof Robert MacCulloch: New IMF data ranks NZ's GDP growth as worst out of 159 nations in world along with Equatorial Guinea

2023 SEP 01 Our Response to Bureaucrats signals of Covid 2.0

2023 AUG 31 McConnell Marble Bag clearly has a hole in it as dementia taking control leaving Mitch debilitated and unable to respond to reporters’ questions.

2023 AUG 24 Absolute Perversion and Depravity, Bondage Gear should NOT be in a Children's Book Mother of four-year-old fumes at nursery book.

2023 AUG 30 Albanese Government “Misinformation and Disinformation Bill” SIGN THIS PETITION, today, to oppose Gov. overreach and call on Gov to, withdraw this, Bill.

2023 AUG 28 Dr. Joanne Howe a mum of (5) Rhodes Scholar & Professor of Law This is why an Australian ministry of truth is a bad idea

2023 AUG 26 Irelands Media Minister Catherine Martin, evasive incoherent regarding questions about DSA “Ministry of Truth 1984” aka (Coimisiún na Meán)

There is only one way that the human being can properly address "SIN".

2023 AUG 24 INCREDIBLE: Trump’s interview with Tucker hits 40 MILLION views in 20 minutes

2023 AUG 24 Lahaina, Maui Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way, Ground Zero truth about who’s not helping.

2023 AUG 22 JOE BIDEN Is Not Running America Be Sure of That!

2023 AUG 21 The Truth About Maui Rebel News Ezra Levant Day One on The Ground.

2023 AUG 19 Part One: What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires?

2023 AUG 10 Talk about “Close” the stable door after the horse has bolted. DoJ FDA Lawyer said Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin for COVID-19

2023 AUG 10 Six (6) Reasons to Leave a Narcissistic Friendship

2023 AUG 11 US Senator Ron Johnson Claims COVID Was Pre-Planned by Elite Group.

2023 AUG 04 THE VOICE 2 - Q: How Much and Who’s Paying for the Voice/Treaty/… Initially & Annually

2023 AUG 04 THE VOICE 1 - Treaty Second Class Citizens Racism & Division Indigenous Constitution and Indigenous Government

2023 AUG 08 The McDowell Triplets in Michigan at 9:59am Normal Active Toddlers at 10am 25 JUN 2007 one single vaccine (Pneumococcal) for the Triplets Everything changes

2023 AUG 06 Biden Admin Depleted US. (Ground War Artillery Global Weapons Reserves) Meanwhile China Taiwan Blockade imminent

2023 AUG 03 Stephen Dixon (GBN Live) and US. Political Analyst Dr Jan Halper-Hayes talk Trump

2023 AUG 03 Derek Johnson lays out the fact is still CIC (Commander in Chief) is Donald J Trump not Joe (Gangster, Traitor) Biden

2023 AUG 02 Sikh Store workers hand down Swift Sure Justice and the right to defend their company’s property.

2023 AUG 02 Black Market Biolab Uncovered in California Linked to China

2023 AUG 01 The link between Albaneses Voice and Treaty explained in 2 minutes

2023 JUL 31 All the world's a stage and PM Albanese is an Actor a practitioner of Guile and Deceit

2023 Jul 29 Derek Johnson Trump and The Military Put Together A 7 Year Plan The Plan Is Operational

2023 JUL 28 Navy JAG and Army CID Military Sting across 12 states Catches Criminal Covid Doctors

2023 JUL 25 We will still show people that the word of God is sufficient to answer the world as we encounter it today.

2023 JUL 18 Movie Guide Founder Dr Ted Baehr; Barbie Movie Hardcore Feminist and Propaganda - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN

2023 JUL 17 Second attack on the Kerch bridge in Crimea; just remember Putin Warned all nations aiding attacks against Russia. Major Reprisals Guaranteed

Alien Confused About Earth Genders holds roundtable Q&A and succinctly summarises Earth Genders

2023 JUL 16 Kill the Bill "Combating Misinformation and Disinformation Bill" aka ("The Australian Ministry of Truth")

2023 JUL 13 Russian Daredevil Evgeny Tchebotarev

2023 JUL 05 Mebbingarri (Cindy Roberts) NO to the Voice referendum and here is why

2023 JUN 30 THERES A WAR FOR FRANCE: insurrection massive violent battles and destruction of infrastructure

2023 JUN 28 AUSTRALIA UNDER ATTACK Politicians Maiden Speech to Parliament Banned from YouTube (Liberal Democrats NSW John Ruddick)

2023 JUN 26 Alexandra Marshall and Senator Babet the World Is Broken Only together we Can Fix It

2023 WEEK "25" Moscow Being Invaded Pure Mainstream Media Guile

2023 JUN 23 Stew Peters says "I know you see it!" Michelle Obamas External Male Intromittent Organ

2023 JUN 19 Robert Malone highlights Peter Hotez's role in funding CCP C19 Gain-of-function research

2023 JUN 19 (S A D S) hasn’t gone away despite all the efforts of Faktenchecker to detract from possible links to C19 Injectables.

2023 JUN 17 Sasha Latypova Exposing the Vaccine Military Machinery Behind the Global C19 Response


2023 JUN 12 Ground-Breaking Historic Disclosure 2.0 National Press Club UFO

2023 JUN 16 Union flag being taken down in a central London street only to be replaced by the LGBTQ+ rag

2013 MAR 05 Dying CIA Agent reveals US Gov Alien Contact Area 51 secrets black ops and UFO knowledge.

2023 JUN 04 Loren Larson Repentance Forgiveness and Restoration FWC Sunday Evening Service

2023 JUN 05 The Message of the Cross Repentance, Forgiveness and Restoration

2023 JUN 03 The Great Awakening aka Plandemic III [FULL VIDEO]

2023 MAY 31 Smart Cities in Australia

2023 MAY 31 Infamous Jabba McDaddy McGowan pulled the pin as WA premier.

2023 MAY 23 Australians Bosi and David Guru Military Intel DUMBS, Fall of the Cabal

2023 May 22 Croatian EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakusic Publicly Declares WHO a TERRORIST Organization

2023 MAY 22 THREE YEARS LATE FINALLY Ch 9 news reports C19 Vaccine injuries for the First Time

2023 MAY 20 Billy Te Kahika Deeply Saddened to hear the news that my friend Rashid Buttar Freedom Fighter Has Passed Away.

2023 MAY 18 Rep Taylor Greene introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden and others.

2023 MAY 08 Channel 7 airs their first C19 Injectable Vaccine Injury News Report; reporting the case of CHRIS NEMETH who suffered a serious C19 Vaccine Vax Injury

2023 MAY 17 Relax Prime Minister the Masquerade is OFF: Joe Biden cancels QUAD meeting and Australian Visit

2023 MAY 12 Stay Free Russell Brand RFK Jr C19 Warp-Speed Military Industrial Complex Presidential Run

2023 MAY 14 Captain Kyle and Kelly Podcast with Guests Riccardo Bosi and David Guru.

2023 MAY 05 Congressman Comer goes public 10 May re Joe as VP and his Crime Family PAY2PLAY scheme

2023 MAY 03 Law of War Riccardo Bosi and Guru Chat Derek Johnson Understanding Impact and Influence

2023 MAY 03 DOJ FBI possess unclassified FD-1023 form with precise description describing Pay to Play Scheme (the exchange of money for policy decisions) VP BIDEN with a foreign national operated.

2023 APR 26 Sudan in 60 Seconds Global Hegemony CIA fuels proxy war RU vs USA

2023 APR 28 Craig Kelly UAP National Leader this was happening "as recently as two nights ago" Good news!



2023 APR 20 Dr Selwyn Stevens Unmasks Freemasonry to British monarchy AU, NZ, CA and UK riddled with masonry.

2023 APR 18 Sit down with UK Andrew Bridgen Politician censored for speaking TRUTH about mRNA shots.

2023 APR 08 SILENCED a NZ doco about of weaponised censorship against Media, Medicine, and Academia

2023 APR 12 WA hospitals were being overrun in October 2021 which is when the shots were mandated for most of the work force

2023 Mar 06 Fauci and the Public Health Establishment

2023 MAR 30 MP Marama Davidson is Divisive Arrogant Racist a Dominatrix barking in the ears of subjugated PM Chris Hipkins

2023 MAR 31 The alleged controversial Tommy Robinson talks with Astrid at 24syv in Denmark

2023 MAR 26 Dr. John Campbell interviews Professor Robert Clancy responds to a TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Part 4 of 4

2023 MAR 25 John Campbell interviews Senator Rennick regarding a TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Part 3 of 4

2023 MAR 25 John Campbell TGA document revelations regarding a TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Part 2 of 4

2023 MAR 24 John Campbell TALKS TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Australian Government Biodistribution Data. (Part 1 of 4)

2023 MAR 15 Australia has been and is complicit in Bioweapons development and worse: Extremely Dangerous Gain of Function Research

2023 MAR 25 ING Bank AU Now Persecutes Clients for their Political Views and Debanks AU leading independent Media Journalist “Maria Zeee”

2023 MAR 23 Lizz Gunn and her cameraman Jonathan along with Sue Grey Calls on Legacy Media to Stop Being the Governments Shills.

2023 MAR 21 35-Year-Old Multi Year World Cup Medallist Dies Unexpectedly

Life Hacks "Removal of Raw Plugs in your Brickwork Simple and Made Easy

2023 FEB 15 Dr Pierre Kory reveals C19 IVM Treatment War vs Guile Deceit Propaganda by Big Pharma

2023 FEB 15 Australia’s Dr Melissa McCann reveals Vax Induced Myocarditis Wilful Concealment by Skerritt and TGA

2023 MAR 08 Dave Robson interviews Liz Gunn the airport arrests the injury and legal ramifications

2023 MAR 07 Hawkes Bay NZ. Cyclone Gabriel Recovery Man-Up Omitted from Mainstream Media Coverage Why?

2023 MAR 15 There's always a place we draw the Line; this did it for me

2023 FEB 15 Clive Palmer said his near-death with Covid was averted by Ivermectin it saved my life

2023 FEB 28 Russian Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov English Translated Briefing by the Chief of ☣️ Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Protection


2023 MAR 07 Jan 6th part one struck serious raw nerves part 2 tonight reveals a serious problem within congress and worse

2023 MAR 06 Jan 6th Committee Utterly Lied Tucker Carlson Tonight Shows America Speaker McCarthy video he released it conclusively prove this

2023 MAR 08 The Time Is Now Documentary (2021) reveals the Depth of Corruption and Criminal Actions during the Covid 19 Outbreak.

2023 MAR 04 THE GAME IS UP The leaders of our world now know that the injections are lethal and have maimed millions.

2023 FEB 28 Cristian Terhes MEP said the truth is EU President Von Der Leyen’s LIED and this is the biggest corruption coverup in the EU history

2023 MAR 05 Sue Grey reveals why Jacinda Ardern and her Communications Spin Team have a Whirlwinds of Accountability Coming

2023 MAR 05 Jacinda Ardern refused to condemn Deputy Leader of the House Michael Wood on 16 Feb 2022 who called them a "RIVER OF FILTH" and 'FERALS’.

2023 MAR 01 Letter to Jacinda homage to Ardern who sanctioned the police brutalising of gentle Kiwis

2023 MAR 03 ANNOUNCEMENT Tim Baker Establishes A legal process to record your factual accounts re Hawkes Bay Cyclone Gabriel Flood and Deaths

2023 MAR 01 Do we trust the chief grub from 'GRUB HOUSE' on SCUMBAGGERY HILL, ACT

THIS IS AUSTRALIA: 2023 FEB 28 Beware the Grubbing-Grubs at Scumbaggery Hill have a plan to ‘Rob You Blind.’

2023 FEB 23 FreeNZ Tim Baker Situation Update from Hawkes Bay Cyclone Gabrielle left a Massive Trail Death and Carnage

2023 JAN 27 Australia’s Government Office Bearers and Governmental Bureaucracy must be held accountable C19 Vax caused 5162% increase in Excess Deaths

2023 FEB 25 Prime Minister Chris Hipkins does flyby high ground visit 17th to flood-devastated Hawke's Bay community since then it’s JUST THE SOUNDS OF CRICKETS. [VIDEO]

2023 FEB 20 Panahi Weekly Reality Check Joe Biden OMG Please Joe doesn’t have the codes for the Football

2023 FEB 21 Kiwi On the ground in Napier Tim Baker reports body count in Hawkes Bay is Huge

2023 FEB 22 Senator Malcolm Roberts with Dr Altman talks criminal Compromise by TGA-Gov re C19 Vax Safety

2023 FEB 20 Rescue Helicopter Pilots grim reports indicate an exponential death count will come for Hawkes Bay.

2023 FEB 21 HAWKES BAY devastated by CYCLONE GABRIELLE. Official Death Report 11; reliable source says at least 40 bodies so far in a makeshift morgue at the Napier Port

2023 Feb 16 SCOTUS 17 Feb to Reconsider Hearing the petition Case 22-380 which SCOTUS initially denied on 09 Jan 2023

2023 FEB 17 BoE Refined Our Gold Bars, Our BoE Gold Reserves disappeared & NO the RBA says so is not verifiable evidence, is the RBA Covering It Up the missing Gold

2023 FEB 13 Dr Peter McCullough's Presentation in Sydney the Final Minute and Words for Australia

2023 FEB 04 Japanese Prof Fukushima Sues Japan Gov for concealment Covid Injectables Data

2023 FEB 06 Pascal Najadi Criminal complaint against the Swiss president ICIC interviews 07th 9th Jan

2023 JAN 12 Mr. Najadi (Ret. Intl. Banker) files criminal charges against Switzerland President Alain Berset, WHY?

2023 FEB 04 Thailand and Switzerland Lead the charge against the Crime of The Century!

2023 Feb 02 Head of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Professor John Skerritt retirement announced.

2023 FEB 03 Australia’s CABAL of Power Brokers. & Secret Covert Governance

2023 JAN 31 MSNBC Anchor Hospitalized with Severe Myocarditis, Pericarditis; and a Severe Case of Vax Injury Denial.

2023 JAN 28 Palestinian 13-year-old Boy attempts to murder Jewish Worshippers as they leave a synagogue Saturday Evening

2023 Jan 28 Lt. Col Ret. Riccardo Bosi said congratulations you’ve survived this!

2023 JAN 26 This Has to Be the Biggest He Told You So!

2023 JAN 2023 The Scumbaggery at Trudeau’s CBC State Broadcaster just Threatened they’re going to smear Rebel News today.

2023 JAN 24 Stew Peters Called Out NFL's Cover-Up of SADS Damar Hamlin Suffered on Field of Play

2023 JAN 24 S.A.D.S Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Shedding

2023 JAN 23 Climate Scientist Tony Heller Reveals Global Warming is Artificially Created on Fraudulent Data Manipulation & Concealment

2023 JAN 23 Global “Cooling”, “Warming”, “Change”, “Disruption” these are Theories not Science

1939 JAN 15 This is happening in Australia Fires, Floods, and Storms Sweep the States

1939 JAN 13 This is happening in Australia. States blanket of heat.

2023 JAN 21 The BOM have successfully cooked Sydney’s Climate

2023 JAN 22 PLANDEMIC Fails; GOD HELP US ~ It’s the Climate Change Scam

ITNJ Chief Counsel Robert D Steele opening statement 2018 April 16 “Pandemic of Child Trafficking, Abuse and Worse”

2022 DEC 23 Dr Peter McCullough Vax’s Killing People Criminal Charges Required.

2023 JAN 20 Legacy Media (MSM) don’t show us this view, not many there at DAVOS

2023 JAN 18 Greta Thunberg Arrest a Staged Photo-Op the Fake Globalist Puppet

2023 JAN 19 Kiwi optimism Goes to all-time High!

2023 JAN 19 Dr Peter McCullough Covid Vax are not safe for human use, CoV-SARS engineered in Wuhan

2023 JAN 18 WEF is a joke Klaus and Klingon Charles Savile the 3rd goose is well and truly cooked

2023 JAN 17 Russia Reveals Devastating Stealth nuclear weapon OPERATIONAL

2023 JAN 14 mRNA Injectables On the horizon a CoV19-Influenza Gene Therapy Coded Soup

2023 JAN 16 OK What part don’t you understand of: Government lied to you and coerced you to become “Human Lab Rats”

2023 JAN 12 Human trials for three-in-one jab to protect against deadly respiratory illnesses

2023 JAN 12 Directly Against the Will of the People the Woke Divisive Albanese Takes First Step to Cancel Australia Day

2023 JAN 06 Rep Matt Gaetz Votes for Donald J Trump as Speaker of The House for the 118TH Congress

2022 APR 23 Dr Richard Urso Part 02 Big Pharma Makes Billions Rebranding Existing Drugs as New Products

2022 APR 21 Dr Richard Urso Part 1 of 2 Alarming Post Booster Trends Censorship of Treatments for COVID 19