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2023 SEP 08 Chair Helen SECRETARY from Gwalwa Daraniki Association says More and more Indigenous Australians are voting NO TO DIVISION

80% of Australian 1st Nation people support the Voice is utterly "REJECTED" by Senior NT Indigenous leader!


Albo’s 80% 1st Nation people support the Voice (Factitious wishful thinking me thinks) mind you Albanese is historically known for his Liars and Half truths and Dissemblance

Albos work of fiction was initially birthed 08 Feb 2023 by Heart Director Dean Parkin says “80 percent” of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people “support” the Yes vote in the Voice. Parkin tried to sell the 80% porkpie lie “There’s about ten percent of the community that’s undecided and about ten per cent that are opposed,” he told Sky News Australia.

We do all understand you can make a poll say whatever you want if so desired

Senior NT Indigenous leader and NT land-rights pioneer:

Helen Secretary has disputed claims that more than 80 per cent of Indigenous Australians support a Voice to parliament.

Ms Secretary has announced she will be voting No in the upcoming referendum, saying her people require a treaty instead.

The divisive nature of the referendum has also worried her, as she urged all Australians to be proud of their country and embrace multiculturalism.

The Prime Minister’s assertion is based on a YouGov survey taken in March and an Ipsos poll conducted in January.

But Ms Secretary said she doubted the pollsters had spoken to many Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

“A lot of them don’t understand it,” she said.

“They don’t understand fully what’s going on.”

The Larrakia and Tiwi woman said she was opposing the Voice for many reasons.

“I think it’s wrong,” she said.

“We already have senators and Indigenous parliamentarians from the Territory that have been sitting in Parliament that are supposed to be our voice.”

She said it would be impossible for a national Voice to represent hundreds of different clan groups, as no one tribe could speak for another.

“Our Larrakia people wanted a Treaty, and a Treaty negotiating with the Federal Government and the Commonwealth so they can decide and be their own voice on their own country to achieve economic development,” she said.

While other leaders advocating for a Treaty, including Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe, want to see reparations paid, Ms Secretary said she was not interested in financial compensation.

“My kids work for their money,” she said. 

“They don’t say because I’m Indigenous I want rent, I want compensation.
We work for our money.”

She said a Treaty would give her people greater control of their own affairs on their own country.

“If the Federal Government wants a voice, talk to the different tribes that live on country on what their dreams (are) of creating economic development, work with them, give them a Treaty,” she said. 

“They are their own voice. 

“We are our own voice, why should we have a voice that’s in parliament, a new voice, with this referendum to say ‘this is what all Indigenous people want because they’re disadvantaged, well we’re not.”

Ms Secretary, whose father was a Greek immigrant, said she feared the Voice debate was dividing the nation.

“We should be a proud country, a multicultural country and be proud as Australians, not divide,” she said.


VIDEO: NT land-rights pioneer disputes claims 80 percent of Indigenous Australians support Voice. SKY NEWS Video Original Source WATCH HERE

EDITORIAL: Chair Helen Secretary from Gwalwa Daraniki Association says More and more Indigenous Australians are voting No to Division. | SKY NEWS Editorial Original Source READ HERE

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