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2023 Mar 06 Fauci and the Public Health Establishment

Weaponized Gain of Function funded by US Gov, via Fauci


The rise of Big Pharma, and its role in the declining state of American health by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

During this speech RFK reveals the origins of Covid 19

Also, those who played key roles in the Gain of Function and the money funnels used to fund criminal endeavours if carried out on USA soil.

CCA IV: Big Pharma March 5-8, 2023

The modern pharmaceutical industry has in many ways proved itself a great benefit to mankind, making health- and life-saving drugs and vaccines widely available.

But its reputation has come under attack in the wake of America’s opioid epidemic and the COVID pandemic.

This fourth and final CCA of the 2022-23 academic year will consider the rise of Big Pharma, its role in the declining state of American health, and ideas for reform.


Original Source: Hillsdale College WATCH HERE

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