2022 APR 23 Dr Richard Urso Part 02 Big Pharma Makes Billions Rebranding Existing Drugs as New Products


Dr. Richard Urso

Is a co-founder of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists. (IAPMS) Dr. Urso is a drug design and treatment specialist, an ophthalmologist, and former chief of orbital oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Dr. Richard Urso said “We have seen the ultimate demise of our health care system when it’s in the hands of bureaucrats.”

Previously, in part one of our interview1, we discussed alarming post-booster trends he’s seen and how usual protocols for identifying treatments were thrown out during the COVID-192 pandemic.

Now in part two, we discuss how big pharmaceutical companies can make billions by essentially repackaging existing products.



“Basically they took almost the exact same drug as Kaletra, dressed it up, they put a box around it, and they’re selling it for what, [$]5 billion?” says Urso, referring to the Paxlovid COVID-19 pill.

More about Generic vs. Branded Products
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National Telehealth System

We also discuss Urso’s work with other prominent doctors to create both a national telehealth system as well as an entirely new infrastructure of doctor-led medicine, where power is decentralized and less easily corrupted.

Widespread Gagging of Practitioners

“Once doctors became employees during this pandemic, it made them very reluctant to speak out,” Urso says.

In Australia: we saw a Nationwide Gagging done via Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) letter sent to all Health Care Practitioners that threatened the removal of their licence to practice medicine if the failed to speak only the Governments narratives on Covid-19 and its methods of treatment, we saw several Doctors who held the Oath “DO NO HARM” and spoke out and did have the licences to practice removed.

*TRANSCRIPT* Interview by Mr. Jekielek (American Thought Leaders) with Dr. Richard Urso
Dr Richard Urso Part 02 Alarming Post Booster Trends Censorship of Treatments for COVID 19
by Epoch TV 2022 APR 23

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