2023 MAR 26 Dr. John Campbell interviews Professor Robert Clancy responds to a TGA…Watch now (37 min) | OCEANS OF RED FLAGS; A SERIOUS LACK OF DATA & WORSE TGA REDACTED DATA
2023 MAR 25 John Campbell interviews Senator Rennick regarding a TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Part 3 of 4Watch now (48 min) | TGA has concealed “CRITICAL DATA” required for informed consents.
2023 MAR 25 John Campbell TGA document revelations regarding a TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Part 2 of 4Watch now (21 min) | TGA REDACTED CONTENT: Why the Concealment of any TECHNICAL DATA
2023 MAR 24 John Campbell TALKS TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report Australian Government Biodistribution Data. (Part 1 of 4)Watch now (17 min) | WHY IS ANYTHING REDACTED ie BEING CONCEALED
2023 MAR 15 Australia has been and is complicit in Bioweapons development and worse: Extremely Dangerous Gain of Function ResearchWatch now (5 min) | Neck Deep “Doggy-Doo”. Did Australia Gov. and Companies help create the C19-Bioweapon
2023 MAR 25 ING Bank AU Now Persecutes Clients for their Political Views and Debanks AU leading independent Media Journalist “Maria Zeee”Watch now (4 min) | WHY Melanie Evans? CEO ING Bank Australia
2023 MAR 23 Lizz Gunn and her cameraman Jonathan along with Sue Grey Calls on Legacy Media to Stop Being the Governments Shills. Watch now (29 min) | ITS NOT TOO LATE: Journalist Say No to Editorial Lies and Misreporting.
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