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2023 MAR 25 ING Bank AU Now Persecutes Clients for their Political Views and Debanks AU leading independent Media Journalist “Maria Zeee”

WHY Melanie Evans? CEO ING Bank Australia

Australian globalists target Maria Zeee for speaking the truth on the Stew Peters Show.

An Australian 60 Minutes hit piece labelled anyone who questions authority a domestic terrorist. The fake news report went on to deride Christians who believe in the Bible as enemies.” Stew and I discuss the incoming CBDC’s and Social Credit Score system, and how this is a warning for all.

ING Bank has DE-BANKED Au independent journalist:

Australia’s Leading independent journalist Maria Zeee from ZEEE MEDIA has been DEBANKED.

Maybe Australians should ask why are you debanking Australia’s Leading Female Independent Journalist | (02) 90284077

Twitter ID: @ING_Aust |

Address :60 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


ING BANK AUSTRALIA has debanked our leading journalist with zero dialogue or due process.

Basically the bank held a trial without Maria Zeee’s knowledge and tabled a charge of activity which was an offence of who knows what? and then sentenced her and has executed the sentence!


My question is how did this bank determine the offence its not in their terms of banking or is it and its well concealed in tiny print

Hey Melanie tell us is there some mystic manner like gazing into a crystal ball and receiving some mystical commentary or direction! Maria Zeee is a naughty girl you don’t want her banking with you!

Truth be known the ING Bank activities aren’t that morally clean nor are a large number of the major account holders yet we don’t see these actors being terminated and shunned do we Melanie Even? Why is that Melanie

If you have money and loans with ING maybe you should ask is this how ING runs its business in some Hocus Pocus fashion

Maria Zeee said her bank account closure could appear to have a timing that suspiciously coincides with a Channel 9 hit piece on “domestic terrorists”. Is this the beginning of the social credit system in Australia, with Maria Zeee being Patient Zero?

ING is a Bank not a Life Coach or your Social Moderator

Aussie do you want this bank telling you what to think say or do in your personal life

Can Australians now expect to be de-banked by ING and other banks for speaking out against the government, big pharma, financial institutions and the New World Order?

OH ING Bank has some history of shutting down accounts

Aussie ING customers slam bank for treating them ‘like criminals’ by closing accounts: – with no excuse given.

A string of furious customers have come forward to claim they’ve been treated like criminals by their own bank with no explanation given. READ FULL STORY HERE

OH ING Bank has its own dirty laundry

ING Bank customers missing payments from employers, NAB accepts some responsibility.

Thousands of ING Bank customers should have received their missing payments from employers after a glitch with the bank's payment chain. READ FULL STORY HERE

ING Bank fined for allegedly missing CDR deadlines

'Technical compatibility issue' caused problems. READ FULL STORY HERE

ING slapped with anti-money laundering undertaking after investigation

Dutch bank ING has vowed to fix its anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing systems, after an investigation by financial crimes regulator AUSTRAC found flaws in the lender’s compliance. READ FULL STORY HERE

Glitch lets ING Australia customer see others’ account information

Two customers’ account numbers and balances pop up on screen when NT resident Nick Oliver was using bank’s site. READ FULL STORY HERE

ING online banking disruption resolved after over 12 hours of downtime

The disruption of ING’s online banking services, which began at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, was finally during the early morning hours on Thursday, an ING spokesperson told ANP. READ FULL STORY HERE

ING Bank Australia called out for poor AML/CTF compliance

Anti-money laundering watchdog AUSTRAC reported yesterday that ING Bank Australia is not fully compliant with the rules of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act and needs to take action to ensure it does not contravene the Act in future. READ FULL STORY HERE

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