2023 FEB 15 Clive Palmer said his near-death with Covid was averted by Ivermectin it saved my life

CLIVE PALMER made his escape and put on a large dose of Ivermectin it saved my life

At the Covid Vaccines & Effects Tour – Sydney, Australia 2023, FEB 15 2,400 people packed ICC Sydney to hear Dr Peter McCullough

On the last presentation Clive Palmer tells the audience of near-death experience with Covid and how intervention and aid from a doctor outside of the QLD Hospital put him of a treatment regime which included lots of Ivermectin and within 24 hours he was on the mend.


QLD Hospital only offer Remdesivir and Ventilation or Death in 5 hours!


Escaping QLD hospital and being put in an IVM Trial overseas administered via QLD practitioner large dose of Ivermectin which put Clive on the mend in 24 hours and saved his life.


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