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2023 NOV 15 Hila Fakliro, 26, survivor of Tribe of Nova music festival.

Part I "When will I be OK" - Part II "Blind World"

Not only the Dead and Knapped are casualties:

The Survivors are mortally wounded

2023 NOV 15 - This Hila Fakliro, 26, who survived the Hamas attack at the Tribe of Nova music festival.

“It was like a shooting range.” — Hila Fakliro, 26, who survived the Hamas attack at the Tribe of Nova music festival

Hila Fakliro, a fitness instructor, was tending bar at the Tribe of Nova music festival when she saw what she thought were fireworks. “I don’t think those are fireworks,” a fellow bartender said. They were Hamas rockets. Soon, men with guns appeared amid the eucalyptus trees where revellers had just been dancing. “There were these crazy maniacs with guns and people falling one by one,” Ms. Fakliro said.

Hila Fakliro - PART I When will I be, ok“

I know that I’m going to be ok, but I just don’t know when and that’s what frustrating”. Hila has been going through terrible loss since 7.10 events. She bravely shares with us the hard feelings she’s been carrying ever since that terrible day.

Hila Fakliro PART II Blind World

Hila talks about her anger at the world that justifies acts of terrorism against Jews and the State of Israel. She tries to understand how after a long history, like the Holocaust, the world is still trying to exterminate the Jewish people.

Next Publication we address:

What’s the value of proportional response?


Hila Fakliro PART I “When will I be OK” Original Source WATCH HERE

Hila Fakliro PART II “Blind World” Original Source WATCH HERE

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