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2023 AUG 31 McConnell Marble Bag clearly has a hole in it as dementia taking control leaving Mitch debilitated and unable to respond to reporters’ questions.

McConnell’s Cognitive Ability Debilitated Sufficiently to Incapacitate his Ability to Function.


MITCH FREEZES??? Really, Media attempts to play this down only the blind and foolish may believe MSM Report and opinion.

I think McConnell’s appears to have joined Joe Biden with dementia taking control leaving Mitch debilitated and unable to respond.


Mitch may not have lost all, of the marbles yet but clearly the loss is sufficient to incapacitate his ability to function independently as Mitch has handlers baby sitting him in routine interaction between himself and reporters.

McConnell body’s is present but nobody’s home; this is not going go away only get worse how many more of these political incrustations continue beyond upfaulted functionality instead of stepping aside when the expiry date has kicked in.  

Sen. McConnell appears to freeze up again during gaggle in Kentucky.

WLWT5 reports:

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made a stop in northern Kentucky Wednesday, where during a media gaggle, he appeared to have some trouble understanding and speaking with reporters.

McConnell was in northern Kentucky for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Government Forum in Kenton County.

The Senate Republican leader spoke at the podium for about 20 minutes, touching on topics like the Brent Spence Bridge project and what it would take to avoid a government shut down this fall.

Afterwards, he walked down a few steps from the podium and caught himself as if he were about to fall as he approached chair.

McConnell's team arranged for a brief media gaggle where he adjusted his glasses and said "okay" before he was asked for his view of running for another term three years from now.

McConnell: "I'm sorry I had a hard time hearing you."

Reporter: "That's okay. What are your thoughts on running for re-election in 2026?"

McConnell: "What are my thoughts about what?"

Reporter: "Running for re-election in 2026?"

McConnell: "Oh, okay."

Where the hell am I?

McConnell then took a long pause before one of his aides stepped in and asked, ""Did you hear the question, Senator? Running for re-election in 2026?" To which McConnell responded, "yeah." before taking another long pause.

His aide then addressed the media gaggle, saying, "Alright, I'm sorry, you all. We're going to need a minute."

About 15 seconds later, another aide stepped in and asked if McConnell wanted to continue to which he indicated he did. He took two more questions which had to be repeated by one of his aides before walking away with his staff at his side.

According to a McConnell spokesman, "McConnell felt momentarily lightheaded and paused during his press conference today."

We're told by an aide that while he feels fine, as a prudential measure, he will be consulting a physician prior to his next event.

“BLINDMAN Unaware He’s Blind Offers to Lead Another Blind Man”.

Biden says he plans to reach out to McConnell after he appears to freeze up during presser.

President Joe Biden took a moment during his Wednesday press conference to talk about Sen. Mitch McConnell after he appeared to freeze up during a media presser in northern Kentucky.

When asked about McConnell, Biden said, "By the way, I just heard literally coming out and Mitch is a friend as you know ... we had disagreements politically but he's a good friend so I'm going to try to get in touch with him later this afternoon, I don't know enough to know."

Last month, the Republican senate leader was speaking at his weekly GOP leadership news conference on Capitol Hill when he stopped mid-sentence and went silent for several seconds.

People near him eventually intervened to ask if he was OK, and he then stepped away from the podium.

He did eventually return.

McConnell was asked by CNN what happened and if it was related to his fall earlier this year. He answered, “No, I’m fine,” and moved on to other reporters.

A McConnell aide said, "He felt lightheaded and stepped away for a moment. He came back to handle Q and A, which as everyone observed was sharp."


VIDEO: Sen. Mitch McConnell appears to freeze during media gaggle before being escorted out. WLWT5. WATCH HERE

VIDEO: Sen. Mitch McConnell appears to freeze up again during media presser in Kentucky. WLWT5 with pundit commentary. WATCH HERE

VIDEO/EDITORIAL: Sen. Mitch McConnell appears to freeze up again during media presser in Kentucky. KENTON COUNTY, Ky. — WATCH/READ HERE

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