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2023 JUL 15 UK Police Force 2 policewomen and Plain-clothes Male Detective take down 67-yr-old female villain known as “Twig Cutter” a harden criminal.

THE CRIME “Pruning in the communal garden”.


UK POLICE FORCE is now a "MERCENARY ORGANIZATION" Governments Thuggery Enforcers!  

This Direction Taken Has Destroyed the Forces Credibility and Respect Once Held in A Community


Duty of the Police is to "Protect and Serve the People & Keep the Peace"


This is Pure Abuse of Power; the question is how these cops live with themselves clearly the do not have even a gram of ethical integrity, nor a sense of right and wrong, why did they not just tell their duty desk sergeant to pull his head out of the sand.


Such as investigate the Genocidal Rollout of the C19 Injectables or the “Daily Break and Enter Cases” or how about Vehicle Theft.

Just, Just, Just … Saying!


provided by Friend Riaa Westbrooke (via Facebook Saturday 15th July 2023)

Riaa Westbrooke: My beautiful friend Sylvia is 67 years old. She lives in an apartment and shares the garden with her neighbour.

Her neighbour (Isabella) doesn't like sharing the garden and has bullied Sylvia for years... ie: won't allow her to sit in the garden, wouldn't allow a washing line - which took ages for her to get after repeated complaints to her landlord.

She hasn't been allowed to plant a single thing!

About a week/10 day ago, Sylvia trimmed a twig that had overgrown the washing line, a bloody twig ffs.

Her neighbour called the police, they attended and put their foot in the doorway and warned Sylvia that it was criminal damage, and she is under investigation!

Since then, Isabel has repeatedly called the police on Sylvia accusing her of trimming twigs etc.

Today SIX police officers arrived at Sylvia's House with a police van and a car, to arrest the 67-year-old lady!

They handcuffed her and tied her feet together. I repeat - she is 67 and her apparent crime is cutting a twig!!!!

Please can I ask people to share this or contact Acton police station and voice your concerns.

Sylvia has had mental health problems in the past, we are very concerned about her mental health and state of anxiety right now.

Thank you!

Acton police station: 020 8810 1212 (*Metropolitan Police Service - London located at Ealing Police Station London London, W5 5SJ, United Kingdom)

PC Billins 1661WA

Danny Ryan (*friend of Riaa Westbrooke) is on his way to the station now if anyone wants to join him and keep him company.

Notes: apology Riaa two errors corrected*



Riaa Westbrooke (Facebook Post) View HERE

View Raw Clips: Clip 1 Watch | Clip 2 Watch | Clip 3 Watch

Main Video by Junction Watcher UK Original Clip Source View HERE

My Lead to this story was from Tommy Robinson’s Post on Gab Follow Tommy on GAB @TommyRobinsonOfficial

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