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2023 NOV 25 Hamas sends a message to all the bold brave “Pro Hamas and Palestinian” Protestors.

Tonight, Hamas and 100’s of Gaza Palestinian Civilians Cheered & Whistled.
IDEOLOGY of ISLAM was in full swing in the Gaza near the Egyptian Border

It seemed only right that you should see what you demanded in your own nations on behalf of the innocent deserving peaceful followers of Islam.

Alleged Israeli informants are sure to not enjoyed the due processes of law that all you “Pro-Palestinian-Hamas-Protester” enjoy daily enshrined in your nation’s constitutions.


– Hamas Alleged were “Israeli Informants”.

      Hamza Ahmed Hamza Mubarak: (31-year-old)

      Azzam Jamal Hafez Javabra: (29-year-old)

Executed: Heads Cut Off
Hung Upside Down on a Metal Pole
as one always does!

Australian Pro Hamas Protest Supported & Funded & Fanned by:



These Activist have little understanding of this religious conflict which dates, back, to the time of Abram and his wife Sarai and Abram’s concubine Hagar. you can find the biblical account in the sacred Texts from the Old Testament period (The Book of Genesis chapter 16: versus 1–16 and chapter 21: versus 8–21)


During the 2nd millennium BCE (1965 BC)

In the Bible, God promises Abraham a blessing in the form of land, children, and inheritance.

To claim it, Abram and his wife, Sarai, who is barren, leave his native land for a place God has chosen.

As time passed and still no child Heir apparent to Abram, Sarai proposes that Abram take Hagar to be a concubine to be a pseudo surrogate mother on behalf of Sarai in hopes of Abram having a child.

Now Hagar was Sarai’s (Handmaid) that Abram obtained in Egypt as a Handmaid/Servant; what we would call a slave.

Hagar was bonded to Abram as owner that meant Hagar was not free to leave on own volition it was a Lifetime Contract and Abram as owner was sole possessor to the power to cancel (terminate) the contract ie set the slave to the status of Freewoman.

This plan of Sarai worked, and Hager gave birth to a son Ishmael 1965 BC Abram was 87-year-old at that point. This action was not what “God Promised” and that was Sarai would be with child and from this union Abrahams Promised Blessings would flow.

When Abram was 100 years old, and Sarai was 90-years-old she became pregnant and mothered a son called Isaac; Ishmael was 13 years old at that point, sometime in or around 1946 BC after Isaac was weaned and around 1948 BC the conflict between Sarah and Hager flared and came to a crossroad which resulted in Abraham cutting Hager and her child loose; Abraham handed the power to Sarah to banish her handmaid from the household of Abraham you can read the account in the Book of Genesis Chapter 21

We need to understand this as the following is the ancestral claims to heritage from Abraham


  • and national religion Islam claim its heritage from the Line of Ishmael Son of a Bondwoman to Father Abraham


  • and national religion Judaism claim its heritage from the Line of Isaac Son of Promise to Father Abraham

Back Story within “THE FIRST BACKSTORY”


ABRAM meant “Exalted Father. “
ABRAHAM means “Father of Multitudes.” ie “Father of Nations.”

SARAI meant “My Princes.”
SARAH means “Princess to All.” ie “Mother of Nations.”

This happened when God Reaffirmed His Covenant with Abram and Sarai, the account of this in the sacred text of the Old Testament can be found in The Book of Genesis Chapter 17  


- Australian Pro Hamas Protestors linked to (

That domain name is redirected to the “Socialist Alliance” a “Green Left” (www. anti-capitalist political alternative Movement. Who claim an “Ecologically, Socially Just World” is impossible under capitalism. Our goal is an “Ecosocialist World”, run by and for people.

It seems all socialistic influence always ends up at some academia institute take for example Gideon Polya Greater Melbourne Area · part-time teacher · La Trobe University says he is a I am a writer, journalist, scientist, academic, lecturer, painter, humanitarian advocate.


Im not over hopeful that the Australian bold brave Pro “Hamas and Palestinian” Protestors will gain enlightenment and understand who they really are protesting for and what it is the Hamas and Palestinian Movement really intend before they rush off to further protests ticketed for:

Sunday, November 26, 2023: Melbourne VIC

Sunday, November 26, 2023: Perth WA

Sunday, November 26, 2023: Fremantle WA  

Tuesday, November 28, 2023: [Harold Park Hotel aka Pub Night] Sydney NSW


X user OliLondonTV Post View Here

X user OliLondonTV Video Clip Watch Here

Website redirected to Socialist Alliance who are linked to Green Left

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