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2023 MAR 05 Sue Grey reveals why Jacinda Ardern and her Communications Spin Team have a Whirlwinds of Accountability Coming

NZ GOVERNMENT BULLIED, COERCED and LIED: Safe and Effective and they knew it was NOT SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Sue explaining the internal conflict between the PM "communications/ spin" team objective of maximising uptake by claiming it was "safe and effective" and the statutory obligations on the medicine’s regulator "Medsafe". This analysis is based on the government's own documents.

Sadly, spin prevailed over law and evidence.

We've attached some of the key documents in other posts. BELOW

OIA New Zealand Government Documents:
These Documents: from 10 Feb 2021 from then DG Ashley Bloomfield to now PM Chris Hipkins.
It shows how their priority was messaging to promote "high uptake" rather than truth.
by New Zealand Government
Pages: 4 | Filesize: 1.08 MB
Download PDF Copy:

OIA New Zealand Government Documents:
These Documents obtained under the OIA after the May 2021 Vax Challenge.
It is internal advice to Medsafe about why the jab could not be given approval as a new medicine due to outstanding information about its safety etc. Meanwhile the government promoted it as "Safe and Effective”.
by New Zealand Government
Pages: 4 | Filesize: 1.10 MB
Download PDF Copy:

COVID-19 Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines: Safety Report #6 – 10 April 2021

NEW SAFETY SIGNAL: BLOOD CLOTS - The reports of blood clots and stroke were reviewed by CARM and the COVID-19 Vaccine Independent Safety Monitoring Board (CV-ISMB) on 22 April 2021. None of these cases was, considered to be related to vaccination. See Medsafe’s monitoring communication for more information.


GRIEVANCES AGAINST THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENTS OF THE YEARS 2019,2020,2021,2022,2022 and the Agencies commissioned by her to act as agents of the government namely but not limited to “The New Zealand Police Force, The New Zealand Department of Health, and all subsidiaries thereof under their jurisdiction and controls.


We Are the People of New Zealand Have standing and Claim and Cause to Demand Our Grievances Be Heard; and Demand Just, Fair, Right and Due Process which is Adjudicated by and Under “THE LAW OF THE LAND” We Are the People of New Zealand may apply for Just and Fair Settlements and Criminal Sentence be Executed Upon All Found Guilty of Causing or Perpetrating These Heinous Grievances We Claim.


Sue Grey Facebook Live 2023 MAR 05 VIEW HERE

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