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2023 AUG 26 Irelands Media Minister Catherine Martin, evasive incoherent regarding questions about DSA “Ministry of Truth 1984” aka (Coimisiún na Meán)

EU Digital Services Act (DSA) wide open to Tyrannical Abuse and abused it will be.

Catherine Martin, T.D. Ireland
Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media | T.D. for Dublin Rathdown | Deputy Leader for the Green Party/Comhaontas Glas. Ireland


Ireland to ‘lead on enforcing’ EU laws on policing illegal content online?

The idea that EU governments are forming Truth Ministries to censor their citizens sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it's not. It's happening at this moment. And when asked how they will make sure politicians don't abuse their censorship powers, the politicians have no answer1.

15 March when the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022 took effect. EU Digital Services Act (DSA) (88-page / 495KB PDF) Download Enforcers are (MEDIA REGULATOR, Coimisiún na Meán Ireland)

Minister for Media, Catherine Martin welcomed today’s formal establishment of Coimisiún na Meán, Ireland’s new authority responsible for overseeing the regulation of broadcasting and video-on-demand services and for introducing the new regulatory framework for online safety. The Minister also welcomed the commitment by Coimisiún to prepare and share its first work programme. Press Release 15 March 2023



“It will be an Irish regulator that will be regulating digital services across all of the EU”

because of the country of origin principle. - Irish Times

Many of the world’s largest social media and ecommerce companies headquartered in Ireland as their EU base, concerns have been raised that the media commission will have an outsize role in the enforcement in the new rules. - Irish Times

Coimisiún na Meán and Ireland “Minister of Media” Catherine Martin

1 Celene Craig2, Broadcasting Commissioner Coimisiún na Meán

2 Jeremy Godfrey3, Executive Chairperson Coimisiún na Meán

3 Catherine Martin4, T.D. Irelands Minister for Media

4 Niamh Hodnett5, Online Safety Commissioner Coimisiún na Meán

5 Rónán Ó Domhnaill6, Media Development Commissioner Coimisiún na Meán

Biographies of Executive Chairperson and Commissioners Source

Coimisiún na Meán Framework

The Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022: The OSMR Act 2022 was enacted on 10 December 2022. The OSMR Act 2022 amends the Broadcasting Act 2009 to establish Coimisiún na Meán, dissolve the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, establish a regulatory framework for online safety, update the regulation of television broadcasting and video on-demand services, and transpose the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive into Irish law.


In Ireland, new laws officially declare the government ’the font or all knowledge’ as they will now determine what’s true, and what’s ‘misinformation’ on ALL subjects.



it’s our current living nightmare and the world is suffering a pandemic of mindlessness Wokeism bereft of any abilities to comprehend Right or Wrong

A Gab Reader((@cecilhenry)) made a valid point concerning the subject of DSA: Anything the Government REQUIRES you to believe is not true. Anyone who needs the government to outlaw a dispute is a liar. Another Gab Reader((@Duckpondpotter)) said “what is incredible is that if the general, public were asked whether they believe corruption runs rampant in government likely close to 100% would answer that indeed government is corrupt. But of those same people likely half would trust that government to regulate “truth” in online speech.


ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US: The line between democracy and dictatorial tyranny is being deliberately blurred and the mindless subservience is the fertile ground for a “Tyrannical Take Over”

One Gab reader said((@bong_jamesbong2001)) “Ireland is not nearly the democracy that its government would like you to think it is. Its history is full of authoritarian governments and censorship, holdovers from the Catholic Church and British colonialism.”

Hmm, that’s an interesting thought have we been living in a cleverly constructed illusion called “Democracy” and all this time we’ve been under the boot of authoritarian governments and censorship, holdovers from the Catholic Church and British colonialism.”


News Tweet [Gript Media] original source READ HERE

Video Clip [Gript Media] original source WATCH HERE

Ben Scallan [Gript Media] Reporter in Video Clip

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Celene Craig is Chief Executive Officer of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), having taken up the post in June 2021. Prior to this appointment, she held the role of Deputy Chief Executive with the Authority since its establishment in 2009. With over 30 years’ experience in media regulation, she also worked with the BAI’s predecessors, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and the Independent Radio and Television Commission (IRTC).

Over the past six years, she has played a senior leadership role in strategic planning for legislative, institutional and structural changes in the Irish and European media regulatory regimes and led the development and formulation of the BAI’s policy position in respect of the future Irish regulatory framework for broadcasting, on demand and online safety. Currently, in her role as BAI Chief Executive, Celene is leading the transition of the BAI into the new statutory Irish media regulator, Coimisiún na Meán, and in planning for the establishment and operationalisation of the regulatory body.

Since 2020, Celene has been a member of the board of the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA), an advisory body to the European Commission. She is one of four principals involved in the establishment of the Irish Digital Regulators Group, and one of four regulators that founded the Global Online Safety Regulators Network in 2022. From 2015-2019, she chaired the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and is an active participant in a range of national, European, and global fora on legislative and regulatory matters in the audiovisual and online safety fields.

Celene holds a number of qualifications from the King’s Inns, Dublin, including a Barrister-at-Law degree, and from the ACCA (Chartered Association of Certified Accountants).


Jeremy Godfrey has over 30 years of regulatory, government and business experience in the communications, technology and online sectors, in Ireland and Hong Kong.

Jeremy is currently Chairperson of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC). Previously he served eight years as a Commissioner and Chairperson of the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). During that time, he also served as Chair and vice-Chair of BEREC, the coordinating body for EU telecoms regulators. In Hong Kong, he served as Government Chief Information Officer, as a management consultant and as a senior executive in the telecommunications sector.

Jeremy has been involved in regulatory developments such as the EU's Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, and the Open Internet Regulation. As Hong Kong Government CIO, he had responsibility for the e-government programme and cloud computing strategy, as well as for Internet governance, digital inclusion and promoting online safety. As a consultant, he advised clients about online business strategies and on regulatory issues in the communications, energy, transportation and financial services sectors. While in the telecommunications industry he was involved in the launch of the world's first commercial online video-on-demand service as well as in many regulatory issues.

Jeremy started his career as a civil servant in the UK government. He holds an MA from Cambridge University, where he studied mathematics.


Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media | T.D. for Dublin Rathdown | Deputy Leader for the Green Party/Comhaontas Glas. Ireland

Catherine Martin (born 30 September 1972) is an Irish Green Party politician who has served as Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media since June 2020 and deputy leader of the Green Party since June 2011. She has been a Teachta Dála (TD) for the Dublin Rathdown constituency since 2016


Niamh Hodnett has extensive experience in designing, enforcing and managing compliance with regulatory obligations in the online and communications fields. Her regulatory expertise spans data protection, cybersecurity, competition, consumer protection and communications regulation. Her online safety experience includes putting in place a Memorandum of Understanding with An Garda Síochána as well as an Interpol Agreement on blocking access to the Interpol worst of list of child sex abuse material and overseeing implementation. She also has significant experience of putting in place online measures to protect people at risk of gambling addiction online. Niamh has brought criminal prosecutions for regulatory breaches as well as civil enforcement compliance proceedings. She has in-depth litigation experience of appeals and judicial reviews.

Niamh’s most recent role was Chief Legal and Regulatory officer at Premier Lotteries, the operator of the National Lottery. She was previously Head of Regulatory Affairs at the mobile phone company, Three Ireland, a senior legal advisor with the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg), a regulatory lawyer with An Post and a member of the EU, competition & regulatory law teams at Mayer Brown in Brussels and Matheson in Dublin.

Niamh qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and is an expert in regulatory law with extensive knowledge and experience of both Irish and European law. She studied Law and German at UCC and has a master’s in law from Universität Passau in Germany. She has co-authored European Law published by Oxford University Press and Regulatory Law in Ireland published by Tottel. She is also a qualified mediator.


Rónán Ó Domhnaill was appointed as an Coimisinéir Teanga on 12 March 2014. He was re-appointed for a second term in 2020. He was appointed by the President of Ireland following his nomination by the government. Both houses of parliament accepted that nomination unanimously.

As language commissioner he has advocated for strengthening language legislation in Ireland and has advised government, political parties, Oireachtas committees and various other stakeholders of the necessity of robust legislation. A revised Official Languages Act which ensures a significant increase in language rights for the public and bestows comprehensive obligations on public bodies regarding the provision of state services in Irish was enacted in December 2021.

Rónán Ó Domhnaill is the chair of the Irish Ombudsman’s Forum, the Irish representative on the executive board of the Ombudsman Association and the former chair of the International Association of Language Commissioners.

Rónán has previously spent sixteen years as a journalist with both TG4 and RTÉ. In 2006, he was appointed as Political Correspondent with Nuacht RTÉ/TG4 and presented numerous political programmes such as The Week in Politics.

He holds a BA from University Galway, a MA in Leadership & Strategy from the Institute of Public Administration and a Professional Diploma in Corporate Governance.

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