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2023 NOV 10 YAHALOM Company Samur Unit (Weasel) Begins Destroying Hundreds of Miles of Terror Tunnels dubbed "The Gaza Metro" and its Guerilla Warfare 2.0

"The Gaza Metro" total length of 500 km

CBN News Report 10th November spoke with Israeli American Christian Sgt. Maj. Chaim Malespin who had almost served 20 years in the IDF and was “Called Up” to take part in this conflict. Malespin Explains what Elite IDF YAHALOM Company: Samur Unit (Weasel) is encountering in Gaza currently.


The intricate web of deadly terror tunnels buried deep beneath the Gaza strip runs for hundreds of miles. - Sgt. Maj. Chaim Malespin


War in Underground Network is Painstaking, Time Consuming Process

In the latest phase of the war on Hamas, an elite IDF unit is methodically destroying this underground network piece by piece.


underground complexes are today’s battlefields.

Underground Warfare

will continue until the mission is 100% achieved.

→ DESTROY all HAMAS Forces
→ DESTROY Completely Underground TUNNEL NETWORK

The Elite IDF Yahalom Samur Unit (Weasel) Unit has Begun Destroying Hundreds of Miles of Terror Tunnels: and its 'Guerilla Warfare 2.0'. The Yahalom Company is made up of Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze soldiers of the Israeli Army.

Hamas terrorist group has a large part of its facilities in underground galleries built under hospitals, housing blocks and other civilian buildings, using them as human shields, which is a war crime according to the Conventions of Geneva 1949.

"The Gaza Metro" – the intricate web of deadly terror tunnels buried deep beneath the Gaza strip runs for hundreds of miles.


Yahalom Company1 is divided into several specialized units of the Combat Engineering Corps: Yahalom is the IDF's highest engineering authority2

Yahalom is "Tip of The Spear" of the Combat Engineering Corps, this unit " Yahalom is the professional and superior authority for handling of dangerous ammunition and weapons, Yahalom's missions include special operations of sabotage, demolition and explosion of buildings, sabotage of enemy infrastructure, handling of explosives, preparation of explosive devices and bombs, neutralization of enemy explosive devices, clearing complex minefields, locating and destruction of terrorist tunnels.


Samur Unit (Weasel) is in charge of locating and destroying terrorist tunnels.

IDF Sapir (Sapphire) unit operate Extremely Hostile Environment in Underground confined space this work is not for the claustrophobic

Sapir (Sapphire) an anti-aircraft artillery unit, and charge of eliminating enemy ammunition.

Midron Mushlag (Nevada Slope) specializes in close-quarters combat.

Sayfan3 (Gladiolus) formally known as 76th battalion tasked with identifying, treating injuries from, and disposing of chemical weapons and other “unconventional materials,” within a war zone. The (SAP) unit specialized in disabling weapons of mass destruction.


Gen. Yaron Finkelman of IDF Southern Command told CBN:

Israel says the noose around Hamas in Gaza City is tightening.

Gen. Yaron Finkelman:

"Our activities are hitting at the heart of Hamas' capabilities. We eliminated dozens of commanders, we blocked many tunnels, and we are hitting the enemy hard."

As reported that Israel’s elite engineer special forces have been deployed to ground operations in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on the 4th (local time) that members of the Yahalom unit, along with engineers from the 7107th Battalion and infantrymen from the Nahal and Negev brigades, discovered a number of tunnel entrances in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is expected to use underground tunnels strategically in the urban battle that is in full swing.

Using tunnels with a total length of 500 km that cover every corner of the Gaza Strip, Hamas fighters launch a surprise attack against Israeli soldiers roaming the city center and then quickly hide in the underground world.

The tunnels that Hamas has painstakingly built over the past 15 years are being used for a variety of purposes, including attacks, smuggling, and storage. In an interview with Reuters on the 26th of last month, Reserve Brigadier General Amir Abibi, who previously served as deputy commander of the Israeli army while stationed in the Gaza Strip, said, “The 40-50m deep tunnel not only contains bunkers, headquarters, and storage facilities, but is also connected to over a thousand rocket launch points.

Just 48 hours after breaching city walls, IDF soldiers like Sgt. Maj. Chaim Malespin began targeting the extensive network of terror tunnels deep beneath the surface.


CBN News YouTube Report Elite IDF Unit Begins Destroying Hundreds of Miles of Terror Tunnels: 'Guerilla Warfare 2.0' WATCH HERE

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