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2023 SEP 22 The Top Organization that Managed Warp Speed was the NSA, a Spy Agency, and the Pentagon

ACTS OF WAR: demands Militarized Response? Right

a-hell-of-a “Can of Worms” Opened

Judy A. Mikovits PhD World renowned PhD Biomedical Research Scientist with 50+ scientific published articles. NYT Best Selling Author. International speaker presenting solutions. Said:

“It’s not Warp Speed, it started in 1980 at Ft Detrick, MD, when they just changed the sign from Institute of Biowarfare to National Cancer Institute!” and “Deborah Birx and Robert Redfield injected the military with HIV in the 90s and they know it!”

FULL INTERVIEW #128: - Stay Free With Russell Brand

2023 MAY 12

Russell Brand and Robert F Kennedy Jr about FAUCI CIA Secrets and Running For President


Russell Brand Interview #128 WATCH HERE

Dr Judy A Mikovits Tweet READ HERE

Dr Judy A Mikovits Twitter Clip Original Source WATCH HERE

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