2023 JAN 17 Russia Reveals Devastating Stealth nuclear weapon OPERATIONAL

Maritime Unmanned Stealth Underwater Vehicle

Nuclear Powered & Nuclear Warheaded “Poseidon”

BREAKING NEWS GAME CHANGING Russian Stealth Nuclear, Weapon - “Poseidon Weapon” aka (Poseidon atomic drones) operational and fitted to the nuclear-powered Belgorod submarine.

Amir Tsafati: just did a live Breaking News and revealed Russia has just announced its Maritime Unmanned Underwater Vehicle is operational

“Poseidon Weapon” is Operational!

It carries a Nuclear Warhead 3300 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima

The Poseidon:

  • Poseidon Travels Underwater & Unmanned

  • Poseidon is able to Travel at a speeds up 110 + ks/hr.

  • Poseidon is able to operate at a depth of 3000 feet, and is operationally stealth.

  • The “Poseidon Weapon” can travel a distance of 10,000 (kms).

  • Poseidon basic dimensions are 24 meters long & 1.5 m (Dia.)

Amir says it's to threaten NATO and the US and Europe, so Putin has just escalated the war.

4cminews: Putin is making a clear signal to US. and Nata to back off in Ukraine or devastating pain can and will come before you can scratch your bum

Acknowledgements: Amir Tsafati @beholdisrael ORIGINAL CLIP SOURCE HERE:

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