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2023 MAR 31 The alleged controversial Tommy Robinson talks with Astrid at 24syv in Denmark

In Denmark those who know him call him: THE UNMENTIONABLE?

Do you know him? In Denmark those who know him call him “THE UNMENTIONABLE?”

He is often portrayed in the media as a right-wing nationalist and criminal. He has a past in the far-right British National Party and is a co-founder of the English Defense League.


Today Tommy Robinson is an INDEPENDENT JOURNALIST and DOCUMENTARY MAKER. According to himself, he is persecuted because he speaks the truth about the consequences of non-Western immigration.


A TRUTHER, A DIGITAL WARRIOR, the censorship and attempts to crush Robinson in UK was the catalyst that caused the drawing of a huge redline in the sands for millions of people across the globe.

Tommy Robinson, I believe was the front runner to the War on Truth and Conservative Views.

Robinson forced the ugly nature of Social Engineering and Globalist Agendas to became fully exposed as they were forced to commence aggressive censorship by the Establishment and BigTech this caused the drawing of a huge redline in the sands for millions of people across the globe; the story on Tommy Robinson was went global.

Tommy Robinson was censored on all Globalist Left Wing Controlled Mainstream Social Media platforms owned by Google “YouTube”, “Instagram”, and Facebook and Twitter.

The Good news is Twitter ownership pasted into the hands of Right-Wing Nation-Statehood supporter “Elon Musk”; and within days Elon reinstated Tommy Robinson on twitter along with many other high profile deplatformed users.

Despite these Social Media platforms owned by Google (“YouTube”, “Instagram”), and Facebook have not recanted and as user “YouTube”, “Instagram”, and Facebook community guidelines forbids us mentioning Tommy Robinson name; you cannot write without it being erased.

Tommy Robinson, although allegedly notorious, if you believed British legacy media is still unknown to many Danes. 

24syv in this interview, want you to have an unbiased introduction to the man Tommy Robinson who, due to censorship on all social platforms, has been nicknamed: "The Unspeakable".

Tommy Robinson speaks honestly about his violent youthful past honed by life in Luton, he candidly addresses Astrid’s questions about his criticism of Islam and what has driven him to the alleged far right.

Tommy Robinson is in Denmark to show his latest documentary "Silenced", [Once again Tommy Robinson opens his heart to tell a side of the story the entire British establishment and media has done its utmost to silence.]


It doesn’t just allege criminal conduct it provides stone cold proof and there are some VERY SCARED PEOPLE WITHIN THE BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT

In saying this it will be of no surprises; that this documentary has touched some SERIOUS NERVE ENDINGS in the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT and a high court injunction has been placed on showing the Documentary in the UK!

Tommy Robinson basically indicates this action is only motivated to conceal the awful corruption and crimes within UK Governments and its Agencies, the Constabulary and Judiciary.

The documentary doesn’t just make allegations it shows the hard evidence its claims are based on.

Tommy Robinson basically indicated it would open Pandora’s box on these prime pillars of society we base our lives around.


Investigative Journalist were once the heroes of Mainstream Media: this same Media now are [an attack and destroy force] marching to the drum beat of nefarious masters.

The moment anyone get public exposure which doesn’t fit the nefarious masters desired (narrative) these nasty actors unleash their ATTACK DOGS the MEDIA WHORES – within 24 hours a full-scale attack commences first card played is “conspiracy theorist” followed by utter character assassination and progresses into far worse measures to crush the voice.

Host: Astrid Johanne Høg | Producer: Maria Asmine Dam | Guest: TOMMY ROBINSON


Video Clip on Rumble Tommy Robinson Official Channel: WATCH HERE

Audio 24syv Podcast Listen Here

Facebook 24syv Article READ HERE



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the other side...

For 15 years, since he first emerged on a public stage, Tommy Robinson's words have been at best twisted, usually totally ignored, and at worst completely fabricated by the mainstream media. In simply trying to explore serious social issues in today's Britain, Tommy constantly finds the might of the establishment loaded against him. Arrests, lawsuits, state harassment, threats and lies are facts of life he faces on, a daily basis. Having exposed the corruption of a BBC-led plot to bring him down, Tommy found himself being systematically closed; down by every social media platform. Every area of his personal and business life came under concerted attack. It was a hate campaign founded upon nothing more than resistance to the inconvenient truths he was making public. It continues to this day.

In Enemy of the State, he explained the almost unbelievable journey of an ordinary lad from Luton trying to open his countrymen and women's eyes to the horrors being inflicted upon British society and the threats to our very way of life. In his latest book, Tommy brings his often painful, isolating and at times terrifying journey up to date. From rape gangs, and state persecution, to the madness of covid and BLM, once again he opens his heart to tell a side of the story the entire British establishment and media has done its utmost to silence.

There truly are two sides to every story....

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