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2023 JAN 16 OK What part don’t you understand of: Government lied to you and coerced you to become “Human Lab Rats”

CDC INVESTIGATES STROKES after 2-years of authorising and promoting Injectables!

Senator Gerard Rennick posted1 comments regarding a Fox News Report: CDC TO LOOK INTO REPORTS OF ADVERSE VAXX REACTIONS2

Bloomberg Reporters Robert Langreth and Fiona Rutherford reported: “Pfizer’s bivalent shot for Covid-19 has shown a potential link to stroke in people 65 and older, according to US health officials citing preliminary data from one of several vaccine safety databases.”

Senator Gerard Rennick said: “My understanding is that this investigation only relates to Pfizer’s bivalent vaccine3 as per the attached links.4

Senator Rennick also said “Personally, I find it hard to believe that this vaccine is much different to prior mRNA vaccines in terms of safety as they all use the same pathways and are virtually identical.” and we think he’s absolutely right the mechanics is the same5

Senator Rennick asks this question “Why only over 65? If the drug has risks, then what difference does age make!”  Senator Gerard Rennick then remarked “Then again now that Fauci has left the building, maybe new management want to bury his crimes.”


COVID-19 mRNA Injectables FACTS:

1.  Experimental injectables do not stop contracting COVID-19 Virus

2. Experimental Injectables do not stop spreading of the COVID-19 Virus

3. Experimental Injectables do not prevent death in the medically compromised and aged population

QUESTION: What really was the benefit of the COVID-19 Injectable: NONE for the recipient that a standard vaccine should offer


BIG PHARMA: Trillions of Dollars gained for a poison that’s Killing and Maiming Humans

Chemists: major recipients of incentive payments for stocking and dispensing the Injectables
Big Business.

DNA Testing and Data Banks:

Federal, State Level Government Bureaucrats: recipients of graft to be channelled to them via “Favours”, “Awards” or Future employment opportunities.

Governments Office Bearers: recipients of graft to be channelled to them via UN and WEF and Banking Cartels.

Legacy Media: grants, incentives.

Medical Centres: major recipients of cash payments for stocking and dispensing the Injectables.

Medical Practitioners: major recipients of cash payments for stocking and dispensing the Injectables.

Medical Testing Labs:

Private Hospitals: all beds own and paid and controlled by and for the Government due the Declared pandemic.

Public Hospitals: Massive additional fund allocations.

RAD Test Makers:

QUESTION: How many people’s lives have been lost from deaths caused by the Injectables
ANSWER: Millions of Dead Globally

QUESTION: How many lives have been permanently injured or life expectancy dramatically reduced due to the Experimental Injectables
ANSWER: Millions Injured Globally

MEANWHILE THE HUMAN LAB RATS: are now facing the longer-term implications of Injectables unfolding.

Massive increase in Cardiac Issues leading to early deaths

Massive increase in Aggressive Terminal Cancers

And the “New Trend” S.A.D.S Sudden Adult Deaths Syndrome and most notably

S.A.D.S in athletes and top-level sportsman etc.


BASICALLY, PEOPLE A DROPPING LIKE FLIES, and the numbers are increasing not diminishing.

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opinion: they let the cat out of the bag but run heavily a story line spin to minimise the event more gross deception and lies flowing from legacy media the paid shills of big pharma


What is bivalent vaccine? The bivalent COVID-19 vaccines include a component of the original virus strain to provide broad protection against COVID-19 and a component of the omicron variant to provide better protection against COVID-19 caused by the omicron variant


SEE Bloomberg Article: Pfizer Bivalent Vaccine Linked to Strokes in Preliminary Data | URL:


just the strain data in the coding modified to include variant B1

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