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2023 OCT 12 What side are you, actually; wrong the REAL Reason Hamas Attacked Israel.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT TERRITORY: This is about killing all the Jews.

Irrefutable proof from the lips of Hamas it’s just you’re not listening!

Every, once, in a while, evil manifests itself in physical form, and that is what we saw this weekend in Israel in Hamas’ depraved attack.

The surprise attack killed over 1,000 people and injured more than 4,000, and the count of dead and wounded is rising every day.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the world in Hebrew: "What we will do to our enemies in the next few days will echo for generations.”

As of this taping, it’s reported that Israel is preparing an imminent ground invasion in the Gaza region.

Glenn warns this episode is going to be hard. He shows evil incarnate in videos and images and tells the stories for the dead, because the time of choosing is now.

We cannot hide from this evil. Glenn dives into the difficult questions: How involved was Iran?

What was the Biden administration’s role in enabling the massacre?

How did the CIA and Mossad fail to intercept the planned attack?

How should the U.S. respond? The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro joins to explain why we need to watch the horror and says the actions of Hamas are "beneath animals."

Shapiro praises Biden’s decision to move U.S. aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean and says he doesn’t believe we’re headed into World War III IF the West continues to do the right things to push back on Hamas and Hezbollah.

BlazeTV host Dave Rubin joins to debunk the lies from the Left about Israel’s right to exist and defend her ancient homeland and calls the surprise attack “the second attempted Holocaust. Period.”

Glenn adds THAT is the REAL reason for Hamas’ invasion: “This is NOT about territory. This is about killing all the Jews.” 


Ep. 1824 - The Face of Absolute Evil: It’s time to let evil show you its face:

The Ben Shapiro Show • Oct 9, 2023 1:11:31 Hamas murders 700 Israelis, rapes women, kidnaps children, and mutilates bodies in the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust.


YouTube User Channel: Glenn TV, Ep 310 With Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin. THE REAL REASON HAMAS ATTACKED ISRAEL | WATCH FULL SHOW

X-post by Glenn Beck 12 Oct 2023 (Handle: glennbeck) READ HERE

X-video-clip Shorten Version 18:30 minute by Glenn Beck (Handle: glennbeck) WATCH HERE

Glenn Beck Editorial/Video The REAL Reason Hamas Attacked Israel READ WATCH HERE

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