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2023 AUG 04 THE VOICE 2 - Q: How Much and Who’s Paying for the Voice/Treaty/… Initially & Annually

(Part 2 of 3) Foundations of: ANGER, GRIEVANCE, SEPARATISM


If you vote yes you’ll find your wallets Empty

2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum

Funding for the referendum was provided to the AEC and NIAA in the October 2022 Australian federal budget, with a total distribution of:

$75.2 million . . . Taxpayers Wallets


The document also sets out in detail that the Voice will be "accommodated on an appropriate site within the parliamentary circle in Canberra" and that it "must also be supported by a sufficient and guaranteed budget, with access to its own independent secretariat, experts and lawyers," Credlin said. 


She said the information aligned with her previous reports about talk in Canberra that claimed public servants were already reviewing the plans of Parliament House to work out where they will establish the Voice, as well as where they will build a new chamber for meetings and offices for paid staffers. 

The Prime Minister has committed to implementing all elements of the Uluru Statement “in full” which calls for "Voice, Treaty, Truth".


SKYNEWS Reports:

The second part of the statement begins by noting First Nations people coexisted on this land for “at least 60,000 years” and that “our sovereignty pre-existed the Australian state and has survived it”, arguing the “unfinished business of Australia’s nationhood includes recognising the ancient jurisdictions of First Nations law”.

“The law was violated by the coming of the British to Australia,” it says.

“Australia was not a settlement, and it was not a discovery. It was an invasion. The invasion that started at Botany Bay is the origin of the fundamental grievance between the old and new Australians — that Australia was colonised without the consent of its rightful owners.”

It speaks of the “Tasmanian Genocide and the Black War waged by the colonists” in the “evil time” marked by “massacres, disease and poison”, ultimately leading to “new policies of control and discrimination” as the violence subsided.

“At the heart of our activism has been the long struggle for land rights and recognition of native title,” it says.

“This struggle goes back to the beginning. The taking of our land without consent represents our fundamental grievance against the British Crown. Makarrata is another word for Treaty or agreement-making. It is the culmination of our agenda. It captures our aspirations for a fair and honest relationship with government and a better future for our children based on justice and self-determination.”

It adds, “By making agreements at the highest level, the negotiation process with the Australian government allows First Nations to express our sovereignty.”


SKYNEWS Reports:

The document goes on to outline “reform priorities” that were expressed with the “highest level of support across the country” during the dialogues. “Treaty was seen as a pathway to recognition of sovereignty and for achieving future meaningful reform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples,” it says.

“Treaty would be the vehicle to achieve self-determination, autonomy, and self-government. The pursuit of Treaty and treaties was strongly supported across the Dialogues. In relation to content, the Dialogues discussed that a Treaty could include a proper say in decision-making, the establishment of a truth commission, reparations, a financial settlement (such as seeking a percentage of GDP), the resolution of land, water and resources issues, recognition of authority and customary law, and guarantees of respect for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.”

One section from the minutes from the Dubbo dialogue noted support for a treaty that would provide “reparations for past criminal acts and compensation for present and future criminal acts”.

Participants in the Hobart dialogue stated that a treaty

“must include”

land and sea rights, “a fixed percentage of {GDP} gross nation [sic] product” through “rates/land tax/royalties” and “Aboriginal control”.

A, number of participants said the Voice to Parliament must be “better than ATSIC”, the scandal-plagued Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission which was abolished by the government in 2005.

“We lost ATSIC at the stroke of a pen,” one Brisbane dialogue participant said. “Would you abolish Westpac Bank if two or three of its directors were not doing the right thing? I don’t think so.”

The {NIAA National Indigenous Australians Agency} declined to comment.

The PM has said the Voice is not about a treaty. (LIE)


(Skynews Clip Above) Albanese faces risk of 'self-inflicted damage' with the Voice. [Alt Title] Anthony Albanese accused of making misleading statements on Voice to Parliament in Ben Fordham 2GB interview

SKYNEWS Reports:

It comes as Mr Albanese faced attacks from the Opposition in parliament this week after he was seen in resurfaced footage at a Midnight Oil concert wearing a T-shirt reading “Voice, Treaty, Truth”.

Liberal deputy leader Sussan Ley used Question Time on Monday to ask about a recent radio interview1 in which the PM said the upcoming Voice referendum was not about a treaty.

“I thank whoever was interjecting about my T-shirt because yes, Mr Speaker, Ben Fordham has exposed the fact that at the Midnight Oil concert, I wore a Midnight Oil T-shirt,” the PM said.

“I know, Mr Speaker … hold the front page. I am talking about what the referendum is about and it strikes me that the opponents of the referendum, those who are advocating a No vote, want to talk about everything but what the question is about — recognition, listening, in, order to get better results.”

Liberal MP Paul Fletcher also asked Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney how the Makarrata Commission would work should the Voice be successful.

As she took to the dispatch box, Mr Albanese could be heard interjecting, “It’s a separate issue.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott told 2GB on Tuesday that Mr Albanese had misled Australians when he said the Voice was not about a treaty.

“Quite apart from anything the Prime Minister chose to wear at a concert, I go back to that initial statement he made as Prime Minister,” he said.

The new government is committed to the Uluru statement from the Heart in full — in other words, ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’ in full.” - Former PM Abbott

It was, as I said, “a moment of amnesia for the Prime Minister to deny here in this chair last week that the Voice had anything to do with treaty.”- Former PM Abbott

It has everything to do with treaty.
The whole point of having a Voice, if the activists are to be believed, is to start the treaty-making process, and government ministers have said as much.”
- Former PM Abbott

Another Albanese Lie

Credlin said the {NIAA National Indigenous Australians Agency} documents were at odds with Mr Albanese’s claim that treaty-making processes would be led by states and territories, rather than on the federal level.

“Contrary to PM’s current, poll-panicked claim that the Voice is not about treaties, these official documents confirm that treaties, indeed, are the Uluru Statement’s precise point,” she said.

Senator and leading No campaigner, Jacinta Price


Main Clip #1
“FACEBOOK REEL” Fair Australia
Original Source: WATCH HERE

Clip 02 Skynews:
Albanese faces risk of 'self-inflicted damage'

Clip 02 Skynews:
Alt Title: Anthony Albanese accused of making misleading statements on Voice to Parliament in Ben Fordham 2GB interview


2023 AUG 04 THE VOICE 1 - Treaty Second Class Citizens Racism & Division Indigenous Constitution and Indigenous Government

(Part 1 of 3) Foundations of: ANGER, GRIEVANCE, SEPARATISM


2023 AUG 04 THE VOICE 2 - Q: How Much and Who’s Paying for the Voice/Treaty/… Initially & Annually

(Part 2 of 3) Foundations of: ANGER, GRIEVANCE, SEPARATISM

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2023 AUG 04 THE VOICE 3 - PAULINE HANSON puts the spotlight on the intent and spirit of where The Voice seeks to obtain.

(Part 3 of 3) Foundations of: ANGER, GRIEVANCE, SEPARATISM

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Anthony Albanese accused of making misleading statements on Voice to Parliament in Ben Fordham 2GB interview WATCH HERE

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