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2023 JUL 05 Mebbingarri (Cindy Roberts) NO to the Voice referendum and here is why

My advice to you Australia is NEVER TRUST GOVERNMENT this referendum ain’t gonna create a brighter future.”

Who is Albanese listening to its not the Bungalung Nation

Listen to “Mebbingarri” (Cindy Roberts) from the Widgebal Tribe a tribe of the Bungalung Nation

Transcribed by 4cminewswire 2023 JUL 06:

My name is “Mebbingarri” (Cindy Roberts) and I come from the Widgebal Tribe we are a tribe of the Bungalung Nation and today um I just come with a message they are asking the Australian People um to vote yes or no; do you honestly know what this is about do you know what you’re saying yes to do you know what you’re saying no to through the process of these referendums comes trickery they are not going to tell you that bit; so we need to be wise in all our ways; we cant change the history of what’s happened but we can make a difference now we need the truth and we need to be telling the truth.

This Australian Corporate Government needs to be telling the people the truth on what this is really all about; because I don’t know about you but I see darker days! If this referendum goes ahead because you’ll know I’m not for the referendum as a First Nations Woman I’m against.

It’s hard when you can see things that other people can’t see and when people are awake, and many are still sleeping you struggle just be mindful and make sure that you know within your spirit within your heart within your soul that you know you’re saying yes for the right reasons and you’re saying no for the right reasons.

Majority of all the tribes throughout this country don’t want this referendum: and the thing about this referendum and this voting YES or NO not only has it caused division once again; my people don’t want it; majority of my people do not want this referendum to go ahead.

Because I can tell you now Australia, they have not consulted my people my elders of the Bundjalung Nation; they have not spoken to us in any way shape or form.”

The corporation that they established for the voice was established and they already registered back in 2019 so this was all planned.

The proposals and the recommendations they’re putting forth are very racist and I’ve read them some of them I’ve looked at and they look nice, but you know the government is good at sugar coating making everything pretty for you to say yes.

My advice to you Australia is NEVER TRUST GOVERNMENT they have never done anything good for my people and this referendum ain’t gonna create a brighter future.”

Can you not see the big picture here its not about my people!  It’s about them establishing another corporation so they can continue to CONTROL and run this country.

THE LANDS NEED TO COME BACK TO THE SOVEREIGNS so we could look after the people!

Ain’t you tired Australia of the lies the deceit the genocide the tyranny the treason?

Ain’t, you tired of all the taxes aren’t you tired of being a slave to the system?

WHY are they asking you to say yes?

WHY are they asking you to vote for this referendum and not my people?

WHY are they asking you to make, a decision for us?

Shouldn’t we be making this decision; shouldn’t we be the one self-determining our own lives our own affairs for our country to protect all Australians.

WHY should my people be put into a constitution that committed genocide from generation to generation to generation to generation, in this country?

WHY do you think that we would want us to be in a constitution that committed nothing but crimes against humanity, crimes of war, against the sovereign the original people of this land?

WHY would we want to be in that constitution?

Have you Australia ever asked us that question.

My advice I can only say to all Australia please don’t put us in that constitution.

Put yourself in our shoes would you want that?

As you know that under the monarch, and you are British Citizens Slaves; if you put my people in that Constitution, we will not only lose our national sovereignty and out rights over our tribal lands, but you will lose our protection.

Let’s stand together and lets treaty because that’s something they cannot do only us, and that treaty gives you protection.

Australia the people from evil corporations that want to move in on our lands for the resources, a lot of people out there saying boycott; don’t boycott Stop Handing Them Everything On A Silver Platter Australia and become self-determine and stand with the First Nations people lets unite we are a force to be reckoned with when we become one and you are not my enemy Australia lets unite.

It’s a NO from me for a voice to parliament.

“Mebbingarri” (Cindy Roberts)

The 2019 federal election was held on Saturday 18 May 2019. The Liberal-National Coalition, led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, won a majority in the House of Representatives with 77 of the 151 seats and 51.5 per cent of the national two-party preferred vote, a net increase of one seat on the 2016 election result


Indigenous Voice Pty Ltd 12 JUNE 2019??? Under Liberals Government / Scott Morrison PM so

“The Voice is not a Labor idea at all so whose plan, is it?”



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