2023 JUN 23 Stew Peters says "I know you see it!" Michelle Obamas External Male Intromittent Organ

S HE ain’t No Lady!

Jun 23, 2023

S HE ain’t No Lady! Michelle Obamas

Michelle Obamas packing extra appendages Stew Peters - I know you see it.

→ External Male Intromittent Organ



UFOS: (Are Real - Manmade and Extraterrestrial)

BIDEN: “The Big Guy”

HUNTER: “The Big Guys Bagman”

C. I. A. (Infiltrated and Corrupted Defunct)

F. B. I. (Infiltrated and Corrupted Defunct)

D. o. J. (Infiltrated and Corrupted Defunct)

W. H. O. (Infiltrated and Corrupted Defunct)

U. N. (Infiltrated and Corrupted Defunct)

CONGRESS: (Infiltrated Compromised and Corrupted Defunct)

LAW ENFORCEMENT: (Infiltrated Compromised and Corrupted Defunct in DEM controlled states)

JUDICIARY: (Infiltrated Compromised and Corrupted Defunct in DEM controlled states)

SCOTUS: (Compromised and Corrupted Defunct)

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: (Infiltrated Compromised and Corrupted Defunct Source for truth reporting)

FREE and FAIR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS: (All first World Nations of Democracy have Infiltrated Compromised and Elections are Corrupted Rigged Fixed outcomes)


Stew Peters Original Clip Source: WATCH HERE

Stew Peters Original Tweet: READ HERE

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