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2023 JAN 19 Kiwi optimism Goes to all-time High!

NZ music charts “Don’t come Back Don't Look Back, Jackinda” & “The Wicked Witch is Dead” run first Equal.

Rukshan Fernando:

Clip above: Just in from the breaks the news with clip: Live shots of NZ reacting to Jacinda Ardern's resignation!

Tommy Robinson:

Tommy asks the hard question about outgoing Jacinda: Serious answers . If it’s not a penis then what is it?

David Icke

WEF psychopath Ardern in shock resignation as New Zealand Prime Minister – now she must face the consequences of what she has done

Craig Kelly

Kenelm Tonkin

James Melville

Hugh Riminton

Campbell Newman

Steve Kirsch

Dr. Eli David

Sky News Australia

Paul Joseph Watson

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