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2023 AUG 21 The Truth About Maui Rebel News Ezra Levant Day One on The Ground.

Catastrophic Firestorms Turns Paradise on Earth to Utter Devastation


Ezra Levant and his team are seeking the Truth; for the People of Maui.

Once upon a time…

Rebel News Editorial1: The Maui region of Hawaii, often referred to as paradise on Earth, has recently become the epicentre of one of the most catastrophic firestorms ever recorded in the area. In a devastating incident that impacted over 2000 people, the community's response has been nothing short of inspirational.

Homes, businesses, and vehicles were consumed by flames in a disaster that has shocked the local population. Yet, the manner, in which the community has rallied together, seemingly unaided by government or commercial entities, has been a beacon of hope.

Families implemented roadblocks, similar, to the tight security observed post 9/11, restricting access and creating a challenging environment even for reporters. The complexity of the situation did not deter the community from uniting to provide essential items such as food, clothing, and veterinary services, as well as schooling for children who had been displaced by the disaster.

What set this response apart was the attention to ordinary necessities, such as coffee and school supplies. These might seem trivial, but they symbolised a profound understanding of community life and the importance of retaining normality in, the midst of chaos.

In a world often characterised by division, Maui's citizens have demonstrated an exceptional ability to listen, empathise, and act selflessly. Their response transcends the devastation, portraying a model of humanity at its best. The resilience and selflessness of Maui's community will long be remembered as a reminder of what can be achieved through empathy, collaboration, and shared purpose.


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Alexa Lavoie and Lincoln Jay are heading to Maui to find answers about this wildfire, and to be the voice for the ordinary people who live there — since the public doesn’t seem to be getting the full story from the corporate media. If you value our unique, independent reporting, then please chip in here to help cover the cost of their economy class airfare, shared Airbnb accommodations, taxis, and meals while they’re on the road.

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A beacon of hope amid the tragic devastation of wildfires in Maui | By Ezra Levant | August 21, 2023 | Original Video Source WATCH HERE

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