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2023 DEC 19 THE RAT WHEEL of proportional response has taught HAMAS nothing so Israel declares war against Hamas

This is Israel stepping off the Rat Wheel and Ending this endless cycle once and for all


The West Wing Season 1 Episode 3 Aired Oct 6, 1999

A Proportional Response.

President Bartlet finds himself in similar circumstances (Syrian intelligence shot down a U.S. plane in Jordan and killed numerous Americans, including a young Naval officer who the President had decided would be his personal physician) and, seated in the White House Situation Room with his advisors in the White House.

What’s the value of proportional response that’s what’s been happening since 22 September 2005 when Gaza was hand back to the Palestinians.

Hamas not long afterward seized control of the Gaza, and commences terror attacks and Israel for 22 years has responded proportionally until October 7th Hamas crossed a line of no return.

Israel is correctly responding she declared WAR with Hamas stated clearly their intentions to utterly destroy all Hamas operatives and their Terror infrastructure Hamas for 20 odd years has built under the people of Gaza; they focused critical infrastructure close proximity or under Schools, Hospital, and Apartments complexes. using the citizens as human shields.

Interestingly enough Palestinian Opinion Poll on Oct 7th attack reveals what the real problem is in Gaza.

75% of Palestinians support Hamas' October 7th massacre.

Only 13% oppose it.

Talk TV: Douglas Murray’s response to “TalkTV’s” Julia Hartley-Brewer asking him if Israel should have a “proportional” military response to Hamas’ attack!


The West Wing Season 1 Episode 3 - A Proportional Response original source WATCH HERE

Julia Hartley-Brewer talks with Douglas Murray he addresses proportional response lies Talk TV WATCH HERE

Palestinian Poll Image Arab World for Research & Development

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