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2024 JUL 22 Drone Attack on Tel Aviv, Missile Attack on Eilat, IAF Destroys Yemen Hudaydah Port, IAF Destroys Missile Depot in Lebanon, IAF ELIMINATED: Ali Jafar Matouk

On July 13 we saw the outward manifestation of the oldest battle known to mankind "GOOD vs. EVIL"

2024 RNC Tucker PA attempted assassination everything is different

2024 JUL 14 Pastor Donnie Swaggart Addresses the President Trump Assassination Attempt

2023 JAN 24 TVNZ Breakfast Show of hosts shooting a Trump doll Floated Like a "LEAD BALLOON"

Plandemic II: Indoctornation


2024 JUL 11 The month June sees in "one week" 40 smaller banks in China going under: then joining the list a mid-tier bank their closes doors

GUILTY OF GENOCIDE: 1990s “AIDS epidemic” Dr. Willner said was a “RORT” in name of “SCIENCE,” by NIH Doctors; Gallo; FAUCI; Haseltine; Essex and a Cabal of “Stakeholders”.

2024 JUL 08 The whole world has known for a long time Bidens Cognitive Incompetence Renders Him Unfit for Office

2024 JUL 10 Key Rafah City “Terror Infrastructures” Found. “Hamas Leaders” met in Lebanon with “Hezbollah Officials”. Satellite, Imagery Reveals “Ballistic Missile Facilities” near Tehran

2024 JUL 06 THEY/THEM want to Enslave You, Acting as Your Master and you, their Slave. Treating, you like an Animal and Saying Stop Barking.

2024 JUL 05 The Great Awakening Explained Simply

2024 JUL 05 USA Retailer Apocalypse Hollywood: every store is CLOSED in HOLLYWOOD

2024 JUL 04 USA Retailer Apocalypse DOWNTOWN Los Angeles DESOLATED in RUINS

2024 JUL 02 USA Retailer Apocalypse "Beverly Hills" every store is CLOSED


2024 JUL 03 Chris Martenson, PhD Red Flags 7News SPOTLIGHT panellist Prof Booy for his grotesque conflicts of interest and seriously scientifically fictitious remarks

2023 MAR 04 Client ask why Nationwide Branch Manager in UK refuses his withdrawal of £5,000 cash for actual fund available in clients account.

2024 JUN 27 ABC AU 7:30 Sarah Ferguson to met her defeat at Waterloo with the US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

2024 JUN 25 It only took 20 minutes for AU Media to meet their defeat at Waterloo with the Tucker Carlson

2024 JUN 26 CNN Drew Griffin April 2010 reveals how Pfizer was getting around breaking the law in US.

2024 JUN 23 PM Netanyahu the road ahead for Israel does not have Hamas and infrastructure remnant remain

2024 JAN 24 Riccardo Bosi and Dr Jan Halper-Hayes: The World is Upside Down, Decisions, Comfort Zone, Stages of Grief, PTSD

2023 JUN 12 Disclosure Project National Press Club Event

2023 SEP 21 The Truth About UFOs Alien Technology and Extraterrestrial Contact.

2024 JUN 16 Israel Mourns loss of 10 soldiers during Fierce Battle in Rafah

2024 JUN 10 Globalist captured Uni-party serve and solely have their master interest and bidding on their minds.

2024 JUN 07 Let's Consider... NEXUS regarding the Perth WA Toddler, Sandipan Dhar's death

2024 FEB 26 Dr. Sabine Hazan provides Evidence nefarious actors’ road blocked, censored and blocked scientific publication of critical data to combat C19 WHY?

2024 JUN 07 LEST WE FORGET: 2020 worldwide nightmare (Problem, Reaction, Solution) psyops by Mass Fear Manipulation when will this ever end?

2024 JUN 05 All You Need to Know on the 77th Global Pandemic Treaty World Health Assembly

2024 JUN 04 FAUCI “SPIT-ROASTED to CINDERS” for (Vax apprehensions were merely based on peoples) IDEOLOGICAL BULLSHIT and…

2024 JUN 04 Nostalgia Jabba McDaddy McGowan message to WA Aboriginal community (corona needle Free and Safe)

Dr. Burzynski the cure for cancer was discovered in 1976

2024 MAY 31 Australian NSW Uni Prof. Sujatha Fernandes told 1st year students the claims of Hamas’s “MASS RAPES and SEXUAL ¬VIOLENCE” were “FAKE NEWS” and “A HOAX” peddled by the media.

2024 MAY 14 Pre-bunking a weaponised State-funded 1984 Orwellian Dictatorship Censorship Narrative Controls.

2024 MAY 29 IDF Ops Deep into Rafah; Mondays IAF Strikes Collateral Damage update, Egyptian Soldier Killed Update and Turkey commits Self-Harm Sanctions-Boycott

2024 MAY 14 The Surprising Potential of Ivermectin Against Cancer Dr. Kathleen Ruddy (Cancer Surgeon)

2024 MAY 25 Anyone who walk past this and Stays Silent is (no better than) or should say (worse than) these rapists.


2024 MAR 01 The nexus with Abortion, Comprehensive Sexual Education, Transgenderism, and Planned Parenthood

2024 JAN 11 The Sanctity of the Unborn, Abortion Agenda and Nexus to the Satanic

2024 MAY 13 The (X'ddd) eSafetyOffice has clear misinformation its X page

2024 MAY 13 Australian Federal Court judge has just denied extension of injunction on footage posted on X.

2024 MAY 13 Polity of have failed to achieve NZ Government “Orwellian” Censorship on social media Platforms.

2024 FEB 16 Australian court rules employers who mandated jab legally liable for injuries


The hiding of BASE the non-Google powerful search systems stops today.

The hiding of RefSeek the non-Google powerful search systems stops today.

2024 MAY 09 IDF Rafah Surface Supply Lines secured, Subterranean Warfare Commenced

2024 MAY 08 IDF Launches Rafah Offensive SEIZES Control of Rafah Border Crossing

11 April 1932 E01 Runt Page (Shirley Temple as Lulu Parsnips)

2024 MAY 03 Hamas Signals to Reject Hostage Deal IDF Poised to Enter Rafah

2024 APR 30 SCOTLAND COVID INQUIRY Toe Tagging 70+ directive by self-appointed angel-of-death in Scottish Gov Given to Paramedics

2024 MAY 02 OK! AU PM Albanese Let’s Talk Real Facts: the EPICENTER of Domestic Family violence (DFV)

2024 APR 30 Candace Owens embraces Catholic Faith

2024 MAY 01 Russell Brand I got baptised at the weekend, as we're seeing a surge in faith among young people.

2024 APR 27 Eva Vlaardingerbroek CPAC Hungary: The Great Replacement from Non-Christian Non-Western, African and Middle Eastern Countries, THIS NO LONGER A THEORY!

Egocentric Au PM: is using DV to deflect flames of failure as career in polity is burnt toast!

2024 APR 29 Sexual Assault Awareness Advocate Sarah Williams Confirms Albo's a Bully and "LIAR"

2024 APR 29 PATHOLOGICAL LIAR Albo a practitioner of guile, deceit, dissemblance UNFIT for Office

2024 APRIL 23 Wake-up Kiwi: C19 mRNA Platform Injectables (Safe) “PIGS FLY”

2024 APR 20 Look whistleblower Barry Young revealed NZ Govt. Post C19 Vax RAW DATA and it does not lie data is inanimate facts recorded its inherently unemotional. “10 = 10”

2024 APR 15 Assyrian Orthodox Church. Bishop Mari Mari Emmanuel of the Assyrian Church in Au has just been attacked by an armed assailant during a church service.

2024 APR 10 IDF Targets Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon


2024 APR 06 ZIG Currency is Backed by Tangible held in reserve of Gold and Precious Metals

2024 APR 07 Are your Eyes Open Wide or are you one of the Oh! Why did the people not see?

2024 APR 05 Conclusion of the Investigation into the Incident in Which 7 WCK Employees Were Killed During a Humanitarian Operation in Gaza.

2024 APR 02 IDF Targets Hezbollah Inside Syria Israel Naval Base Struck by Iraqi Drone

2024 APR 01 Justice is coming after, the Silent C-19 Jab-aholic, Doctor, Nurse, Medical Regulatory Establishments, Gov. Medical Bureaucracy and the Polity.

2024 APR 01 mRNA ‘vaccines’ must be banned once and for all

2024 MAR 29 Rafah Encirclement Op commenced; Shifa Surgical Op nets 500 Terrorists & ongoing. USA Gov. agrees expungement of HAMAS is Necessary.

2024 MAR 27 The “Christians” inherent Destiny on Earth

2024 MAR 27 Why Rafah IDF Op. Greenlighted, Iran Smuggling Weapons to West Bank. Iran vassal Hassan Nasrallah Hezbollah leader subjected to strong Lebanese pushback for risking Lebanon’s stability

2024 MAR 26 From time Dali leave docks until the containership strikes a main support and bridge collapses.

2024 MAR 26 Balga WA: Ms. Kizenga 22 Murdered: Actions of bravery by male onlookers who ultimately disarmed & subdued Clarence Jalloh should be recognised & honoured NOT DISCOURAGED

2024 MAR 16 Israel Cracks Down on West Bank Weapons Smuggling Iran Inflaming Mideast Tensions

2009 AUG 03 On Larry King, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Reveals Conflicts of Interest and Influence of Pharma concerning Vaccines.

2024 MAR 17 BREAKING! Japanese Researchers Warn About Risks Associated with Blood Transfusions From COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Individuals


2024 Mar 09 Prof Norman Fenton exposes the fraud (aka Cooking the Books) and statistical tricks used to falsely claim vax efficacy.

Anti-Collectivism : Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Black, White Brown, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue

2024 MAR 03 Dutch court cancels fine for writing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine prescriptions to treat covid.

2024 MAR 03 Election Vows/Promises by Polity always turns to adulterous actions against the electors.

2024 FEB 29 The Ukraine War Lie Collapses All the Conspiracies now acknowledged by Legacy as true.

2024 FEB 29 AU Senator Rennick: If there is one article you should read about the safety of the Covid vaccine lipids this, is it.

2022 JAN 23 Interview with Stephanie Seneff Ph.D. a senior research scientist at MIT regarding Can the Shot [m_R_N_A.] Suppress Your Immune System

2024 FEB 26 Tucker Carlson sounds chilling warning on subversion of US military

2024 FEB 21 NZ Dr, Lily Nightingale’s OIA Request revealed NZ Gov knew all 9 pages of Mortality Morbidity adverse reactions before any Covid injectable were administered.

Aussie Lionel in 02SEP21 NAILS IT concerning Covid, Polity (Politicians) and Bureaucrats

2024 FEB 18 Things to understand concerning Mainstream Media


Never Again! Happened Again ~ Globally


2024 JAN 30 IT'S OVER! Freedom Convoy Just KILLED Trudeau's Bullsh*t Emergency Act

2024 JAN 29 Anthony Albanese promised the world and failed to deliver 1 grain of sand was sent a clear message by the 15,000 strong crowd AU Open men’s tennis final

2024 JAN 28 UNRWA staff terror activities Au Government were told this since 2018 and every year since only to be ignored.

2024 JAN 27 NYC a Sewer-Pit of DS minions Corrupt bereft of ethics, morals with a Judge waging (lawfare) Doing gross violence to the 1st & 5th

2024 JAN 27 Reddest of Red Pills Like a Ghost the Voices Haunts DS "NAMES, NAMES"

2024 JAN 24 BLACKROCK PUPPET Woolworths Directors and CEO committed betrayal of Australia and its Citizens in boycotting Australia Day. Now CEO gets on Sunrise to sell a LIE “INCLUSION”.

2023 DEC 28 Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) Demands Immediate Withdrawal of mRNA Vaccines Following Alarming Safety Concerns

2024 JAN 23 THE ART OF WAR KNOW THY ENEMY (WOOLWORTHS acquired 55 per cent shares of Petstock) Skynews Perth reports

Tweet hits the X 21 JAN 2024 Implication would convey a current event RIGHT!

2024 JAN 21 Andrew Giles MP and Anthony Albanese PM only care when the political arse is on fire! "Kristy Chilcott Visa sat on since 2023JUN/JUL

2024 JAN 17 Is the short clip by Javier Milei, President of Argentina at Davos 2024 is it Genuine or Fake.

2024 JAN 17 Javier Milei slams population control and "bloody abortion agenda" at #wef24

2024 JAN 19 Heritage President Kevin Roberts Goes Scorched Earth on Global Elites at Davos WEF.

2020 NOV 02... Freedom had a price you either paid it or become a subjugated slave.

2024 JAN 16 Egypt's Intimidating Border Wall Busts Left-Wing Myths About U.S. Border Security

2024 JAN 16 My Generation has a message for the evil empire and filth in Australia and around the globe. ALL THE STUFF YOU’VE STOLEN FROM US

2024 JAN 16 Recently added 3 ROWS of RAZOR WIRE One could easily think Egypt doesn't want Gazan's getting into their country.

The size of Australia most outside Australia won’t comprehend so let’s demonstrate pictorially onto a map of Australia.

On February 20, 1939, a Nazi rally took place at the largest stage in America, the Madison Square Garden, organized by the German American Bund


2024 JAN 04 Unsealed Document Giuffre v. Maxwell (2015 case) (1 15-cv-07433) District Court, S.D. New York