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2020 NOV 02... Freedom had a price you either paid it or become a subjugated slave.

2024... subjugated servitude = slavery: Freedom Price starts & ends here "NO I WILL NOT COMPLY"

Tori Jensen (The Nurse Titian) (registered nurse for 10 years, working on a C19 Unit at Kaiser Permanente for 20 months)

Push forward.
Remember this ends when we say it does.
Courage is standing for what is right, even if you are alone.

Tori Jensen is unreservedly the WINNER!
Tori walked out with her convictions and faith in tack and not looking back helping others restore their health and well-being Instagram: thetorijensen

Tori Jensen1 2020 NOV 02 writes:

Two years ago today… (2022 NOV 02)

I was on shift, working as a C@vid nurse, when my religious exemption for the v@x was denied. 8 hours later I was escorted out of Kaiser Permanente by security, with zero explanation as to why my first amendment rights to religious freedom were violated.

God had other plans for my life and now I’m thankful that He has provided me with a thriving business where I help women lose weight and balance hormones, so they can stop struggling and live the life God has created them for🙌

Please send this or tag your friends and family who were affected by these unlawful actions made by government and corporations all in the name of public health.

They want this narrative to die but there are thousands of us who were affected and still dealing with the fall out.

For those who share my story, I want to remind you that:
God is in control and has a plan for your life.

4cminewswire said: James 2: vs.26
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. Tuesday 02 November 2021 12:20 GMT
Runs this Headline:
Nurse films herself being escorted from work for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine”

5.4 million Views in Six Days

It has been reported3 that video had been viewed more than 5.4 million times as of Monday morning. (8th Nov 2020)


God the Creator of The Heavens and Earth who’s son is Jesus the Christ

Tori Jensen new Instagram page the original clip is posted HERE

Screenshot of Tori Jensen’s 2022 NOV 02 message VIEW HERE

Copy of original clip was found HERE

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