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Dr. Burzynski the cure for cancer was discovered in 1976

40 Years of (Medical Bureaucratic / Medical Academia) Skullduggery to hijacked & bastardised Health Profession.

without prejudice




For the past 40 years, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been treating people diagnosed with terminal cancers, in such a way that the US regulators of the FDA once tried real hard to label his treatment as criminal however thankfully they failed.

When you watch the Feature video “Healing Matrix: and the Secondary video cancer is a serious business that’s embedded into the article; you will see the results speak for themselves.

You will also grasp as you see the monster that attempted to suppress life saving treatment.

That monster was defanged because people stood up and testified they protested they petitions and 30 senators had the courage to be counted and apply pressure on the FDA to allow clinical trials.

True scientific critique could not be smeared by the pseudo science that regulators had been using.

The final nail to these power brokers was the “Right to Try Laws” which started to appear in 2014 and became federal law when president Trump kept his election promise and signed into federal law “The Right To Try”.  

This discovery didn’t come to humanity without a long; protracted series of legal battles, launched by “medical bureaucrats”

They on surface appear to be motivated by outside influences by players in background of the Medical Health Industry that would stand to lose the biggest money earner within the Health Pharmaceuticals Industry.

191KB ∙ PDF file

Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business

released 4 June 2010 (USA)


Leaving all nativity aside: the 21st century has starkly revealed the “core drivers” within the whole fabric of the Societies of Nations that have been entrapped and also been hoodwinking the citizens to believe a false narratives Government Cares for You and Societies gatekeeping Governances for Social Cohesion and Social Order are vigilantly standing guard for their citizens


Societies gatekeeping Governances for Social Cohesion and Social Order have been captured by stealth: from the ancient Tools and Art of:

  • Manipulations

  • Corrupt Graft

  • Honeytraps.

The Medical Health Industry is a prime example:

The awful truth is the most powerful and influential US. Systems of the FDA, CDC, NIH, Medical Journals, Medical Universities and Private Hospital Industry has been infiltrated within its fabric and has been captured by stealth: from manipulations, corrupt graft and honeytrap’s to benefit those who stand to weld great global power and wealth.

These benefactors are “dynasties” and they really came into play at the time of the Napoleonic War with England and exponentially expanded by the advancement of International Banking Facilitator Nathaniel Rothschilds who gained creditability's and Empirical importance to such an level Nathaniel was invited to join the Masonic Secret Society of London; that connected him to the Monarchy who were part of a far darker society which lead the “Rothschild Dynasty” to become the most powerful banking Cabal that exists today.

Nations rise and fall at the whim and wish of this Dynasty and all other Banking Dynasties are subservient to the Rothschild Dynasty - frightened “well you should be”


Your Governments for the last 200+ years led its citizens to believe your country’s Reserve Bank controlled the printing of money and the setting of interest rates

That is far from the reality the British Empire and her Commonwealth and Territories Banks were in fact owned by the Rothschild Dynasty.

Americas situation was no different except a Banking Cabal was formed between 3 Banking Dynasties [JP Morgan / Rockefeller / Rothschild] and Rothschild is/was the Controlling player; they by stealth got polity to establish “The Federal Reserve” under the same (mode of operandi) deceiving the citizens of USA that the Federal Reserve was the Nation owned and controlled bank.


A Foreign Power / Dynasty
has controlled the volume of cash in your nation and the printing of the Nations currency.

Foreign Power:

The Dynasty controlled the printing of Money and interest rates all the time you’ve been led to believe you own your nations bank who prints the money. it gets worse the Dynasty also charged the Nations Citizenry interest on that currency as a loan to your Government which you the taxpayers were fleeced to pay back compounded interest debts!

Rothschild Dynasty also controlled the Nations collective banking market; as they held the powers to setting interest rates for the Nation; and by extension they also controlled the rates of inflation that has eroded the people’s buying power and the “Living Standards”

The Escalon in this dynasty play for keeps and care nothing for your singular life they have no morality they serve a powerful fallen angelic entity who has been enslaving and subjugating humanity since Eve and the Apple.

Spooky but it is very, very real.

This powerful dynasty knows how to weld the tools because the designer of them is their master and those tools have got the power the dynasties welds today.


BRIBERY: ie Covert backdoor graft of future fiscal gains:

Industry advantages ie climbing the ladder to prestigious high paying positions and receiving awards and grants and prestige that opens golden doors to wealth and favour that channel substantial gains in days ahead


Grafters who are mercenaries who trust nobody and want down-payments and pay in full on delivery always via third parties {ie money laundering channels} these are the “Show me the Money Gerry” players. The unexplained wealth gains which go unaudited or investigated.

HONEYTRAPS: The oldest tool in the box

The Honeytrap “blackmailer” Entrapment, which many have fallen to. History is replete of such times to control outcomes of key gatekeepers and prime influencers who are given access to “taboo fruits” Heterosexual liaisons or deviant sexual liaisons of incontinent desires to indulge in MS or even Ritual Abuse activities which is a snare that will provide nefarious players control of the fallen with promise of immunity from consequences and with ongoing access or blackmail threats of exposure.

This mode of operandi goes back to the Garden of Eden, “Eve and the Apple” that was Taboo by God’s Specific Directive, and “Samson and Delilah” were the classic Honeytrap.


Governances for Social Cohesion and Social Order:

·         Polity

·         Government Bureaucracy

·         Judiciary

·         Constabulary

·         Military

·         Religious Institutions Mainstream Orthodoxy

Corporate and line management of:

·         Banking Industry

·         Retail & Service Commerce

·         Industrial and Manufacturing

·         Medical and Allied Health Service/Industry Providers

·         Legacy Media

·         Social Media Platforms

·         Big Tech Industry

SHOCKED by the tools and the gateways they’ve are deployed in! Why?

Considering the “maker and designer” of “these tools” you shouldn’t be surprised how devious, deviant and dark in nature they are.

It is the reason very theses such practices are:
(socially embraced) asFORBIDDEN and OUTLAWED

Why? Because such activity are detrimental to the wellbeing of Social and Civil Cohesion.


Sadly, the Medical Health Industry has always been about: “MONEY”, “MONEY”, and more “MONEY”, that’s why such efforts were made even in the 1970’s to shut down Dr Brudzinski’s discovery which has:

  • ZERO SIDE-EFFECTS”: inflicted on the Patient

  • CURES”: the Patient

Dr Brudzinski’s discovery was a true breakthrough which would make:
Redundant traditional adopted treatment regimes of Chemo and Radiotherapy

Also Brudzinski’s discovery posed a serious threat to the Greatest Cash-cow of the (Medical Industry and Pharma Industry) which at best offered Temporal Remission to incurable cancers not withstanding a raft of awful side effects that many times would remain for rest of what life the patient gained.

A Money Tree: via a business sector with an endless line of punters requiring these services”.


Cancer Treatment Medical Industry CASH-COW: 1000 Dies 1000 in que 1000’s around the corner about to fall foul of cancer

FACT: Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide.

Early 21st Century

We are just now seeing Dr. Brudzinski’s methods just becoming accepted by medical regulatory institutions but not promoted within the Educational Institutions for medical practitioners or the medical journals which weld powerful influence of the medical profession.

Within these videos and discussions, Dr. Brudzinski’s gives us an overview of his revolutionary therapy for cancer, focusing on genetic causes, that has yielded incredible results and highlights some the problems with standard treatments.


In US. this became a game changer that has fractured they iron wall of dominance for cancer treatment: it started at a state level first in May 2014 in Colorado and became federal law because on May 22, 2018, the Senate passed S.204, the 'Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act', and sent it to President Trump who signed it on May 30, 2018, creating a uniform system for terminal patients seeking access to investigational treatments. Keeping a Promise he made to his voters one of many he kept.

Sadly, to say once British empire and her commonwealth countries and territories have not established such law and are still subjugated to the evil iron wall that denies and withholds access and knowledge of such treatments.

The Fracture Iron Wall misinformation has not stopped

The iron wall lies are still propagated the discrediting narratives to put people off taking the pathway of CURE see Burzynski Clinic {Wikipedia}

That should show you who controls Wikipedia folks and its not the good guys so stop giving them your dollars.


US. Callers Toll Free 1 (800) 714-7181
International Callers: +1 (713) 335-5697

Follow on X: DrStanBurzynski

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