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2023 DEC 28 Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) Demands Immediate Withdrawal of mRNA Vaccines Following Alarming Safety Concerns

Dr. Kenny Yong - this vaccine is VERY DANGEROUS. and Prof. Dr. Aziz Al-Safi - these vaccines bring SIGNIFICANT HARM.

Two Highlights from Press Conference Dec from 28, 2023

these Doctors and Professors have far more to loose than gain!
they are defending the citizens of Malaysia.

Dr. Kenny Yong: "I am a doctor who sells these vaccines.

I am indeed a doctor who sells vaccines...

Indeed, patients call me saying, 'Doc, you injected me with 3 doses, and now I've got COVID for the 4th time.’

This feedback isn't just from any doctor speaking casually or someone purposely anti-vaccine.

This product, after four years of feedback and product reviews, genuinely has a bad track record; there are various side effects and issues.”

"This product isn't just a bad product, but indeed must be called back, or withdrawn, for evaluation or feedback or a total review or withdrawal."

We know that these vaccines bring significant harm, after knowing that the politicians don't see, do they?

Yeah, call on the politician.

Yes, didn't they see what is happening around their neighbours, maybe their families?

You don't notice, do you?

And yet you still want to promote that illegal, toxic, experimental liquid into your population?

And now the world has come to know that this vaccine is not safe, vaccines are not safe; they should be stopped immediately and are being used under emergency situations, which means they are still being studied.

I am Prof. Dr. Aziz Al-Safi from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

I was a speaker at a university, a school, in Kelantan, now I am retired, I have my own treatment center in Kota Bharu, in Kota Damansara, in CyberJaya, and also in Setapa so gentlemen and ladies this morning I want to give an opinion as an independent observer, impartial to any side and I actually represent as the President of MCH Malaysian Council of Health, especially regarding the issue of vaccines the first thing we need to understand is that there are many reports from before until now, if it's from the government they call it non-transparent what we need to see are the views from the scientific so why do I actually want to show how the effect of this vaccine is very dangerous ...

are your Governments Propaganda Arm no matter where you are in the world

Clip Source: aussie17

Gov. Totally Sanitized Clip in Malaysia NST Online

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