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2024 JAN 16 Recently added 3 ROWS of RAZOR WIRE One could easily think Egypt doesn't want Gazan's getting into their country.

Egypt knows something Mainstream Media wont tell you

Welcome to the newly reinforced Rafah border between Gaza and Egypt.

Egypt worked around the clock to reinforce the border to make sure not a single Palestinian refugee could enter.

Q: Why so much hate for their Palestinian "brothers"? - asks Dr. Eli David

A: It’s national security Palestinians destabilize every nation they occupy. Look at their history in Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. They destroy anything they touch. - X User Handle: JJobbinsSr

A: Why is it, not one Arab nation wants to take in their Palestinian neighbors? - X User Handle: avenaim

A: The lessons of Lebanon are not lost on the Egyptians. Why would they want to destabilize their country by allowing Hamas and/or the “Palestinian Authority” to set up political and military operations in Egypt? There’s always South Africa. - X User Handle: jefferymyers


Source: X-post Dr. Eli David WATCH HERE

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