2024 MAR 03 Election Vows/Promises by Polity always turns to adulterous actions against the electors.

Canadian Pierre Poilievre proves to be no different

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Pierre Poilievre has some serious shadows over any creditability

Canadian people are being played by the guile deceit and dissemblance of a long time belligerent government system just as Australia and New Zealand have been.

The foot prints

web.archive.org web capture 2021 APRIL 01

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Surprise, Surprise: Scrubbed by WEF

check this (weforum.org/people/pierre-poilievre) WEF

Opinion “without prejudice:

Pierre Poilievre is just like all the self-enriching polity calling out rental pricing whilst he secretly milks the cash cows of Government.

I think Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre are all part of the belligerent Government system and all part of the WEF failed Global take over Pierre Poilievre is just the next plant of the Globalist as Trudeau is “Burnt Toast” will go from Government as part of the fire damage of the globalist failed coup just as NZ PM Jacinda Ardern was and AU PM Scott Morrison was!

Delusional Globalists Second Tier
Ruling Elite are in utter panic their Master speak no more.
WHO drum up (Disease X) and nobodies paying attention
Commonwealth Gov’s CA, AU, NZ, in WEF 4th Reich Ind. Revolution & Lockstep pantomime

Canada I hate to bring bad news I observe all the signals that your gov system was captured by a Foreign Hostile Organization a long time ago just as was NZ and Australia.

Acknowledgements of Original sources

web.archive.org Capture weforum.org/people/pierre-poilievre 01APR2021

TikTok (Watchdognorth) Clip 01 WATCH HERE

TikTok (Watchdognorth) Clip 02 WATCH HERE

Poilievre Speech in Parliament regarding WEF Report 2009-10 WATCH HERE
check Poilievre’s gleeful smile as he touts the WEF opinion.

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