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2023 JUN 12 Disclosure Project National Press Club Event

Uncovering the Truth About Extraterrestrial Life

without prejudice

Dr. Stephen Greer

Dr Stephen Greer, the founder of the Disclosure Project, discusses his work as a volunteer for the past 33 years providing information and intelligence to the US government on extraterrestrial bodies and craft. He mentions the 22 individuals who came forward in May 2001, some of whom handled extraterrestrial biological entities and craft.

He also talks about his briefings to high-level officials in the past and the fact that this information has been withheld from government officials and the public. He presents a list of government documents, top-secret facilities, and whistleblower testimonies, highlighting the need for protection and support for these whistleblowers. Finally, he advocates for explicit witness protection and explicit pension and asset protection for these whistleblowers.

Extraterrestrial civilisations are non-hostile; if they were hostile, their technologies would have been made quite clear to us in August 1945. Man-made fake alien creatures have been used in the fabled lore of abductions and UFO lore.

There are two types of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs):

1.0 Extraterrestrial vehicles (ETVs)
2.0 Advanced Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs).

The Extraterrestrial groups are not hostile but are increasingly concerned about human hostility and our weapon systems, including nuclear and scalar.

These unsanctioned, illegal operations could be proven in any court of law, and a massive: Civilian Racketeer Influences Corrupt Organization (RICO) action will be taken against the corporations and the individuals involved.

Ret. Colonel Heckert

Retired Colonel Heckert, a former United States Air Force command pilot, described two UFO encounters he had while on missions in the late 1970s and 1980s.

The first involved a UFO that moved at incredible speed, going from 70,000 feet to 12,500 feet in two seconds and tracking the pilot’s plane for five nautical miles.

The second involved a frequency light that blinded Heckert and turned his black aircraft white, leaving holes in it caused by missiles. He also discussed his work in classified programs at Area 51, mentioning a security breach, cost overruns in his projects, and using Navy sensors to photograph a night-time aerial vehicle.

Two Veterans

Two veterans share their experiences of encountering unidentified flying objects (UFOs) while serving in the US Army and Marine Corps.

First Veteran - Afghanistan

The first speaker describes a sighting in Afghanistan in which his platoon came across a large, rotating UFO, which was approximately 150 meters away.

They were intercepted by soldiers with American accents who searched them and their possessions before carrying out a strange operation whereby they loaded “containers” onto a platform that ascended into the UFO.

Second Veteran - Mojave Desert

The second speaker describes a sighting in the Mojave Desert, where he observed a V-shaped, hovering craft generating strange colours, which he suspects may have been holographic projections from another smaller craft.

Testimony: A military veteran describes an encounter where he saw a strange craft and experienced physical sensations as well as visual and auditory hallucinations. He claims that this sighting was not of a craft built by humans, like the Raytheon objects he had encountered previously, but a truly unknown craft. The witness also discusses the psychological impact of his experience and the difficulty of coming forward with information.

Testimony: A man recounts how his father lost everything, including his business, after witnessing a secret government meeting regarding UFOs. Another man, who worked at the South Pole station, reveals that the station houses advanced technology, including a directed energy weapon and a power supply that may violate the Antarctic Treaty.

He also provides evidence that the Ice Cube neutrino detector is capable of detecting off-world vehicles emitting neutrinos, making the station an air traffic control hub for such vehicles. A civil rights attorney announces the creation of the Disclosure Project Legal Team, which aims to end UFO secrecy and release vital technologies.

Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project has gathered testimony and intelligence on various crimes, such as treason, murder, and embezzlement, related to illegal secret government projects that involve UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. The organisation hopes to support civilian government criminal prosecutors in using their evidence.

The founder of the Disclosure Project, Dr Steven Greer, has also shared his personal experience with Senator Anyway, who confirmed the existence of a shadowy government with direct operational control of the UFO issue. Dr Greer calls for open hearings and a Grassroots movement to support this cause. The organisation is seeking funding for an open-source energy lab to release zero-point energy technologies free of charge.

Dr Steven Greer has called for the President and Congress to take control of corporations and agencies involved in reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology and provide clear protections for those willing to disclose what they know. He also stated that there is evidence of extraterrestrial beings being peaceful and non-hostile. However, he warned that covert and illegal projects are triggering earthquakes and other problems, and that the situation needs to be disclosed and controlled before it gets out of hand.

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Credit to Dr. Steven Greer National Press Club Event June 12, 2023 | VIEW

Credit to The Disclosure Project: Uncovering the Truth About Extraterrestrial Life | READ HERE

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