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2009 AUG 03 On Larry King, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Reveals Conflicts of Interest and Influence of Pharma concerning Vaccines.

Talks Autism – Causes and Treatments & Child Vax-Sched 10 now 30 WHY 13 billons.


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KING: Why did you go so public? You had an autistic child who got better so why are you here?

MCCARTH: I could have, hid, and not said anything, and Evan could have blended into society. I made a deal with God, the day Evan was diagnosed with autism, I said if you show me the way, God, and show me how to heal my boy, I will continue to teach the world how I did it. And within one year of that kind of conversation with God, Evan was undiagnosed with autism.

CARREY: But it's still shocking to see how many people are ignoring this information.

MCCARTHY: The AAP by, the way has still ...

KING: What's that.

MCCARTHY: The American Academy of Paediatrics’ I begged, and I have sat down with them and said why are you not sat down with our doctors and our scientists who are treating and recovering children with autism, and they refuse to this day to sit down.

CARREY: You'd think there is any possibility that a child is being helped, that someone would live, and someone would take, a look. And the fact is they're not even considering the information, they're not only not, considering, they’re discouraging it.

KING: But you had a major effect, big story in the "L.A. Times" last week, the number of kids not being vaccinated in the public schools in Los Angeles. However, at the same time, doctor friend told me today. Mumps are up and measles are up.

CARREY: We are not saying don't vaccinate. That's the thing we want to get really, clear right now with ...

KING: Let's make it clear. MCCARTHY: Yeah, we're not.

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CARREY: This is the thing. There's a lot of misdirection going on. We hear the Campbell Browns and people like this that are saying, you can't not vaccinate. No one has ever suggested not vaccinating.

At the Video Time Mark 00:03:09:16

MCCARTHY: Go back to 1989 schedule when shots were only 10 and the MMR was on that list. I don't know what happened in 1990, there was no plague that was killing children that we had to triple the amount, of vaccines.

CARREY: What happened back in 1989 that warranted 26 more vaccines?


CARREY: Are all of them absolutely, necessary?

KING: Because they want to make money?

MCCARTHY: Of course.

KING: What are you saying? You're not saying don't use vaccines. What are you saying.

MCCARTHY: This is what I'm saying. First, of all, autism is treatable and preventable.

CARREY: I have seen this. With my own ayes.

MCCARTHY: The vaccine schedule is too bloated right now. Thirty-six shots right now. Back in 1989, the shot schedule was 10 shots given.

CARREY: Ten shots given.

KING: When I was a kid, what did we get, three?

CARREY: It's twice as many as anywhere else in 30 countries in the Western World. We give twice as many shots as any of those countries. Why is that?

KING: We'll have doctors later. By, the way, they have a book out called "Healing and Preventing Autism, a Complete Guide". Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel, MD, by, the way. And Jerry will be joining us in a little while. If it's not it, if it's vaccination and you're not against that ...


KING: What are you against, vaccinate for this and not vaccinate for that?


CARREY: I think we have, to choose ...

MCCARTHY: You should educate yourself. We want to empower parents to educate themselves. Do we need to have the chicken pox? Do we have to have hepatitis B shot on the second day of life?

CARREY: I don't think people that are charged with the public health any longer have our best interests at heart all the time. Parents have, to make their own decisions, educated decisions, they have, to look at the decisions.

MCCARTHY: Space out the vaccines. Delay them till after one, clean out the toxins that are in them. We don't need that many.

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KING: Evan is not Jim's child, biologically.

MCCARTHY: I would say God chose him to be his dad too.

KING: How helpful is he?

MCCARTHY: Amazing. He's been my backbone and my supporter ...

CARREY: We have had a great time. It is nothing but a blessing in my life. There is no work to it as far as I'm concerned.

MCCARTHY: And the best witness.

CARREY: It's wonderful to see this kid thrive. And to kid him all day long. He gets a cookie and I say he can't have it. I made a rule. He says, sorry Jimmy, and he runs away, and I chase him.

KING: What is still evident about his autism? In other words, if I spent a day with Evan, what about him would be different about him than any kids.

MCCARTHY: Absolutely nothing. Seizures, that would probably ...

CARREY: This is the risk. When he gets a fever, we have, to worry because there are seizures connected autism, to this disorder.

MCCARTHY: He had a vaccine injury which led to seizures. So, we still can't necessarily say that those are healed, but the autism is gob.

KING: When the other doctors are here, and they will be on the other side in a while after you leave ...

CARREY: Grab them and stab them for me? This is my nickname ...

KING: What will they say? Why would a doctor not want to know more about what could save a life or prevent a disease? I don't understand ...

CARREY: The AAP is financed by the drug companies. Medical schools are financed by the drug companies.

KING: Drug companies want to keep this going.

CARREY: This is a huge business. Vaccines are the largest growing division of the pharmaceutical industry. $13 billion.

MCCARTHY: They control medical schools. I mean these doctors are not learning about prevention or vitamins or diet.

CARREY: What we're asking is for them to take a loss for the good of our children. That's a tough sell in a board room.


Larry King Show Aired April 03, 2009 - 21:00 ET TRANSCRIPT
“Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Discuss Autism; and Vaccination Schedule (1989 10 Shots) (2009 36 shots!)
Carrey and McCarthy Reveal Conflicts of Interest and Influence of Pharma concerning the Medical Profession related Vitamins and Vaccines.

by CNN Transcript April 03, 2009
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