2024 JAN 28 UNRWA staff terror activities Au Government were told this since 2018 and every year since only to be ignored.

(PLO, PA, UN) stop cultivating a victim-refuge hate mentality. 2024 this is Fourth generation.

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Australian Gov. told 2018… UNRWA

Morrison Gov. 2018,2019,2020,2021,2022
Albanese Gov. 2023,2024

Sky News host James Morrow says people knew UNRWA staff “celebrated” the October 7 attacks on Israeli people before the UK finally suspended its funds to the organisation.

The UK’s decision came after UNRWA staff were accused of participating in the massacre of October 7.

“Back in November I reported on this at The Daily Telegraph that many, many, many people who were teachers, officials, doctors, nurses with UNRWA, they were all on their social media ‘oh glorious day’ ‘how wonderful the rape and murder of all these Israeli citizens couldn’t come soon enough, thank Allah for that’,”

Mr. Morrow said. “But there’s a broader point to this, when I went to Penny Wong’s office about that, they said they seemed quite concerned – it did seem at the time like they knew that there was a problem here.

“This whole idea of the UN refugee works agency, the whole point of that, that has created three or four generations of people who still consider themselves refugees.”


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