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2024 JUN 04 FAUCI “SPIT-ROASTED to CINDERS” for (Vax apprehensions were merely based on peoples) IDEOLOGICAL BULLSHIT and…

QUOTE “make it hard for people to live their lives, so they'd feel pressured to get vaccinated”

without prejudice

Fauci testified before the House Oversight Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday regarding his response to the pandemic while at the helm of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Rep. McCormick, who served as an ER physician during the pandemic, played audio from an interview during which Fauci blamed “IDEOLOGICAL BULLSHIT” for apprehensions toward the COVID-19 vaccine by the public.

Are all objections to COVID vaccinations ideological bullshit, Dr. Fauci?” the representative asked.

“No, they’re not and that’s not what I was referring to,” Fauci countered.

Rep. McCormick continued by noting “Americans should take great offense” to Fauci’s words considering the hardship COVID-19 vaccine requirements placed on some.

These mandates have caused Fauci to earn a reputation as “Doctor Fear,” the representative said.

This fear you created will continue to have ripple effects over generations to come and you have already seen its effects in education and the economy and everything else,” Rep. McCormick said. “I disagree with you because I disagree with fear.”


The fiery remark was not the only one to stir emotions during the hearing.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., sparked chaos during the hearing after refusing to refer to Fauci as a “doctor.”

MTG said: “Because in my time that man does not deserve to have a license!”
As a matter of fact, it should be revoked, and he belongs in prison.”

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Credit for Marjorie Taylor Greene Clip from:
“Marjorie Taylor Greene says Fauci should be jailed and rails against ‘evil science’ at Covid hearing” by Kelly Rissman Published Tue, 4 June 2024 at 3:02 am AWST

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Credit for Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga Fauci Clip: X handle: Ultrafrog17

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