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2024 JUN 07 Let's Consider... NEXUS regarding the Perth WA Toddler, Sandipan Dhar's death

Is Medical Health Industry Captured by Predictive Shuttered Chained Thinking

without prejudice

Medical Health Industry Captured by:

Predictive Conditioning, Shuttered Thinking, Chained by overshadowing pseudo gov department regulatory retributional whippers! Medical Schools, AHPRA, ATAGI, TGA. all funded by corporate $’s.


2020-2023 Covid Plandemic confirms these remarks according to current because indoctrinated robotic box thinking practitioners.

Western Australian Urgent Review:

Unless these core building blocks of Predictive Conditioning, Shuttered Thinking, Chained by overshadowing pseudo gov department regulatory retributional whippers! within the health industry is not removed; Toddler Sandipan Dhār's death at Joondalup Health Campus will be repeated again and again.

There is Historical Patterns

Sandipan Dhār's story has a historical pattern a all too familiar story:


1. Baby gets jabbed.
2. Baby gets fever.
3. Parents told it is normal.
4. Parents bring baby back three times asking for baby to be blood tested.
5. Baby sent home.
6. Baby gets sicker.
7. Baby taken to hospital.
8. Parents again ask for tests.
9. Tests refused.
10. Baby gets antibiotics.
11. Baby gets sicker.
12. Baby taken back to hospital.
13. Baby dies.

You’re not listened to and then you are gaslit. Another baby gone way too soon thanks to the incompetence of the government and medical system. Baby officially dies of Leukaemia.

Urgent Review: Doomed


hospitals need more training on understanding people who have English as a second language.

~ already set the predetermined outcome thats publically signaled

The brave will recognize and acknowledge the standard practice for vaccine injury in this country.

Gaslight the victims “Duck and Weave” and at all cost protect Corporate Vaccine Regime


ABC News1: Toddler Sandipan Dhar's death at Joondalup Health Campus sparks urgent review amid fears family ignored. | READ

7 News2: Minister claims ‘distinct differences’ between toddler Sandipan Dhar’s death and Aishwarya Aswath case. | READ | “Alert: classic DUCK and WEAVE”

Daily Telegraph AU3: Perth toddler dies of leukaemia after hospital allegedly ignored parents’ concerns. | READ

9 News4: Family claims requests for blood tests ignored before toddler's death. | READ

Acknowledgements Original Sources

Credit to mmamv australia Instagram Reel

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By Garrett Mundy, Daryna Zadvirna, and Ruby Littler Posted Fri 7 Jun 2024 at 1:25pm Friday 7 Jun 2024 at 1:25pm, updated Fri 7 Jun 2024 at 7:39pm

  • In short: Sandipan Dhar died in hospital in March after his parents’ raised concerns with GPs and hospital staff on several occasions about a persistent fever.

  • His family say they feel they weren't listened to, and their child could have been saved, while a post-mortem revealed the 21-month-old had leukaemia.


By Bryce Luff  2024 Jun 07

An investigation has been launched into the “incredibly devastating” death of a toddler at a major Perth healthcare facility. Sandipan Dhar died on March 24 after his family said they had made repeated requests for blood tests at a GP clinic and Joondalup Health Campus to find the cause of the boy’s long-running fever.


by Emily Macdonald Follow @emilymac_journo June 8, 2024 - 6:47AM News Corp Australia Network


10:03 pm Jun 7, 2024 By Josh Hohne

The parents of a toddler who died at Joondalup Health Campus have claimed their repeated requests for a blood test were denied, which hospital staff deny. Sandipan Dhar, aged just 18 months, died in March after contracting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a kind of cancer.

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