2023 NOV 17 The Platform NZ calls out NZ Islamic Federations' calls for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador

UNGRATEFUL GOBSHITES! We have a cultural norm in NZ “Don’t be an Arseole”.

The Platform's straight-talking, free-thinking hosts every weekday.

Sean Plunket served a straight Fastball with a direct hit:  

“Sorry the Federation's Islamic Associations you are being Arseole’s!
(Pull You’re Heads In) do what’s right or I hate to say this but I’m going to!
Go Back to Where You Came From and take your Divisive Antediluvian1 attitudes with you.”

Because they are not welcome here.



The Platform NZ YouTube Channel Original Video WATCH HERE

Thanks to my Kiwi Mate in Napier “Eion” who made us aware of this video

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Belonging to very ancient times; antiquated; primitive; rude; simple: as, antediluvian ideas. noun One who lived before the deluge