Accountability coming for each and everyone of of these criminals, and murderers, so many innocent people, a they bought down the rain we will bring tje thunder and lightning and hell will follow

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A very well prepared documentary and all that you have said is perfectly true,we acknowledge and thank you. For the work,time and effort you have put into awakening NZ to this massive horror of evil and the rest of the world,we gratefully thank you and all your team and others who have made this video so very informative and truthful.

We pray and hope that all,I mean every single NZr will watch,listen and think hard of what all you have so honestly and truthfully exposed. We hope and pray that before the NZ elections take place in just over 7 months from today, NZrs will think long and hard before ticking alongside the name of anyone of the 120 partners in crime from Wellingtons Wasps Nest.

God bless you,your family,friends and colleagues who are all involved in this great work.

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