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2022 NOV 12 Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President MAKES A SERIES OF STUNNING STATEMENTS [Short Excerpt Clip]


When the former chief scientist of Pfizer’s respiratory research unit gives his view on the mRNA products we must listen. To truly understand what’s happening is to realise that a psychopathic entity has unleashed its power on the world on an unprecedented scale. We must stop them. --- Dr Aseem Malhotra1

(Prof Mike Yeadon the former chief scientist of Pfizer’s respiratory research unit)

“The clinical Trials were fraudulent, there are court cases ongoing right now, the manufacturing was fraudulent they didn’t do the production R&D required it would take at least two years to do, that means the regulatory authorizations were fraudulent, ah the FDA and CDC the European Medicines agency the NHRA in Britain they’ve all behave fraudulently pretty much by closing their eyes and just rubber stamping it.

So they’ve not been tested they are not safe they don’t work they could never have worked in the Elderly and yet they are toxic and then I talked at length and I wont bore you with that again, but the very design of them could not have been more dangerous they picked the only part of this purported pathogen  the spike-protein to express in your bodies your bodies are turned into a spike-protein factory and spike-proteins are definitely acutely toxic in loads of different ways autoimmunity blood clots serological problems impacts on birth and fertility and so on.

So, I told you they’ve created the impressions of a scare, they’ve smashed the economies in civil society using useless measures they’ve got you to wait for a rushed so-called vaccine that’s shown to not be effective or safe that never could have work even if the original setup about a viral threat was correct and yet they’ve jabbed I don’t know 4 billion – 6 billion poor souls.

Ah something like 1 in 1000 people has died we don’t know how many more will die but we are into double figures millions that have; definitely, have been killed as a; consequence of this policy and that tells you the people who are doing this are ruthless

I’d say diabolical we are beyond (good) Wrong and Right OK we are in the GOOD vs THE EVIL; I’ve not been a religious person but I am absolutely clear in my mind the only people – the kind of planning and thinking that it takes to have done what has happened are people who would worship Satan, they are not normal people, I couldn’t do one part of this and continue to be alive after I’ve done it.

Clip Source: Jenny J2

1 IN 1000 DIED POST Covid JAB:

OPINION: Roll on Nuremberg 2.0 Australia

ABSOLUTELY, NO to any AMNESTY for any who participated in this genocidal vaccination programme

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