2022 NOV 05 Ted Nugent makes a brief comment for those who have taken the Covid Shots

Greatest 30 Seconds in TV History


The interviewer1 asked Ted what he had to say to those who have taken the Experimental “Covid-19 Gene Therapy Injectables (aka Vaccine / Shots / Jab)

Ted Nugent said: "sure I speak their language. I will speak to them thusly..."

Baa'aaaa'aaa Baa'aaaa'aaa Baa'aaaa'aaa

The interviewer said: “So all these millions of people that got the shots, they’re just stupid?”

Ted Nugent said "YES"

One thing is for sure! You do not need to be able to second guess were Ted stand on this subject, he plays a straight bat; I like this kind of person

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ORIGINAL SOURCE @sissys_revenge / @officialtednugent