2022 DEC 20 Renewable are Destructible' Check this Environmental Vandalism

Criminal and Heartbreaking

Dec 22, 2022

The Couriermail a champion of climate change boast:

“Once the project is completed, it will house more than 400,000 solar panels spread across 650ha of land. It will be capable of powering more than 63,000 Queensland homes and save more than 350,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions.” - Courier Mail

Senator Gerard Rennick said

“There are around 2 million dwellings in Queensland. The monstrosity will power 3% of them for part of the day. And that’s not taking; into account transmission and storage factors. Much easier to let grass and trees grow on the 650 hectares instead. They could have recycled the CO2 for free with no recycling and no damage to the landscape.”


Based on 3% per 650 hectares to cover 100% 2 million dwellings we calculate it would require approx. 23 million hectares of Farming / Forestry Land.


Nothing good comes out of building on the foundations of lies it is only Fools who try and expect success only to reap failure and devastation - Selah

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