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2022 OCT 27 WHY? Why do we never believe them? THE PLAN was Carved on Stone. DAM IT!


“DIED SUDDENLY” scheduled to premiere 2022 NOV 21

The background that has brought us to this point of “Died Suddenly” is “THE WAR FOR THE WORLD”

We are in the closing phase of a War the likes of have never been seen before using Fifth Generation Warfare it has been raging in the backdrops of life since 2016 when Donald Trump ran for President.

This war has been fought with technology not seen by the general; public by Soldiers we have no knowledge existed. The stakes are “All or Nothing” Freemen or Slaves.  It truly is a battle between Light and Darkness a darkness your human minds can never imagine because it is not natural and not of this world.

DEPOPULATION by 90% (Ninety Percent): aka #depop90

#depop90 is “NET ZERO CARBON” a stated goal of UN AGENDA 2030 “YES CARVED IN STONE”

NET ZERO aka #depop90 is a prime goal of THE World Economic Forum which is stated clearly in “THE GREAT RESET”

WHY? Why do we never believe them?

Watch the Trailer “DIED SUDDENLY”

DIED SUDDENLY will reveal the “Horror Story” that is emerging from the WAR FOR THE WORLD you will gain insight to some of the tactics of the Fifth Generation Warfare that is surfacing globally; the causal nexus to THE GREAT RESET, AGENDA 2030 #depop90 is startling; how could Humans do such evils.

The causal nexus with the COVID VACCINE & the worlds massive increases in deaths globally in all countries is S. A. D. S. (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) “and written off as “Cause Unknown”

DIED SUDDENLY wakes us up to the reality we are beginning to enter into a result of an apocalyptic event:

“THE GREATEST ORCHESTRATED DIE OFF IN THE WORLD” if this is all true we are now living with the “THE WALKING DEAD”

5 billion Vaccinated people “The Walking Dead”

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