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2022 OCT 05 #Scotty and #Albo sent Ukraine M777 Howitzers for battle against RU

Now scrap metal

A VIDEO for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese about the involvement of Australian M777 Howitzers in battle with Russia.

WE KNOW legacy Media is lying about everything concerning Ukraine/Russia conflict.

WE KNOW Big-Tech is also interfering with the narratives and deplatforming channels who provide hard evidence of the real story of the Ukraine/Russian Conflict

⚡️BREAKING: The @AussieCossack on Tik Tok has just been permanently Deplatformed overnight “deleted” - @AussieCossack TikTok Channel after a clip from the Ukraine/Russia Conflict was posted involving the Australian M777 Howitzers sent to Ukraine by Scott Morrison and Rubber Stamped by then leader of the opposition “COMPLICIT” Albanese

EMBARRASSING AND HIGHLY POWERFUL VIDEO: for the now Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese about the involvement of Australian M777 Howitzers in battle with Russia.

ONE HUNDRED MILLION VIEWERS: This clip on Tik Tok had 100 million views! and then was pulled by Tik Tok.

WHY, after 100 million views?

I AM THINKING: little #Albo who never handles media conflict well and tends to run or hide did what all coward leaders do; get the source and topic censored via a back door channel.

ALBANESE was well trained by Scotty from Marketing aka former Prime Minister Scott Morrison who played the Death Star Strike on one of his own MP’s “Craig Kelly Facebook Deplatformed Kelly, Scotty said nothing and did nothing to restore his MP’s FB Account; in fact, you could hear crickets from Scotty’s office; its hard to complain if you’re the instigator of the censorship, in that not right Scotty?

PISSER DESSUS: Well Big-Tech Big-Business and Gangster Politicians will not stop a Digital Warrior the likes of #AussieCossack, it will make him double down and you’ll find him vigorously doing what the French has coined “pisser dessus.”

🇷🇺🤝🇦🇺 Be defiant. Make it go viral. #AussieCossack


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