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2022 NOV 24 Stan of Front of Judea wants to be a woman 1979 Monty Python

40-yrs Ahead of Their Time

An excerpt from the notoriously controversial Movie by Monty Python “The Life of Brian”

“JACK” Can Be A “JILL”

Interestingly when place against the backdrop of today’s social agendas that are being pushed out of the UN and backed and supported by the woke industrial economic giants along with legacy media pumping out copious quantities of propaganda to normalise such a notion in 2022 that “JACK” Can Be A “JILL”

This scene from the life of Brian reveals how Ahead of Their Time 1979 the script writers were.

Gender Identity has consumed society during 2021 into 2022 I can’t help but think this is all planned events with specific purposes which does not have the Human Races Best Interests at heart.

Gender Identity Agenda 2022

This topic is so hot in 2022; politicians shake inside with fear if pressed to make remarks, regarding Gender Identity issues.

This fear is based on the LGBT… being so aggressive and vindictive against any dissenter to their agenda of legalisation and normalisation.

LGBT… activists immediately commence a “PRIDE” attack on the person, and they leave no stone unturned to strike back and crush alternative opinion.

I would have liked to have seen them try this against the Romans during the time, period that the Life of Brian was written into.

I’m thinking a swift trial and then a massive flogging followed by the popular 3 nail treatment “Being Crucified” for the intention that the public observers understand the tone and ambience of the position the Romans held, this was pure raw PSYOPS 101 the message was telegraphed powerfully for any who may have a mind to follow the offenders’ notions

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