2022 NOV 19 Dr. Roger Hodkinson No Amnesty Will Be Granted reports Craig Kelly


THE BIG KILL - Dr. Roger Hodkinson

According to Dr. Roger Hodkinson the Vax rollout is “THE BIG KILL” Politicians and Physicians are totally culpable and NO there should be NO AMNESTY WILL BE GRANTED these people should be in jail.

Dr. Hodkinson said:” I am vengeful, I want punishment to these bastards who hurt people with COVID madness, I want vengeance, I want them all jailed, NO FORGIVE & FORGET"  


The National Director of the united Australia party Mr. Craig Kelly said: “There are enough men & women like Dr Hodkinson who will hunt down the Covid criminals - that Lied about ‘’safe & effective’’, Lied about Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine, and Used coercive measures such as vaccine mandates - until they are brought to justice.”


In my opinion that day needs to be now; these criminals continue to push the vaccine which has injured millions and killed millions globally; and regulatory bodies in Australia are running interference against proven treatments with HCQ and or IVM


AUDIO: 2022 NOV 10 Never forgive or forget Dr Roger Hodkinson (podcast: 784) Radio interview: https://justrightmedia.org/blog/archives/13245

2022 NOV 07 First, do no harm Dr. Roger Hodkinson says No Amnesty these criminals should be in jail. FULL INTERVIEW: 1:26:10 length. https://rumble.com/v1s0veg-first-do-no-harm-dr.-roger-hodkinson.html  

JUST RIGHT MEDIA POST: 2022 NOV 07 First, do no harm | Dr. Roger Hodkinson https://justrightmedia.org/blog/archives/13234

[Post Source Video] https://t.me/craigkelly/3512

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