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2022 NOV 10 Riccardo Bosi Interviews John Wilson


Lt. Col. (Ret.) Riccardo Bosi (Australian Defense Force SAS) presents another informative, irreverent must watch interview with John Wilson

Riccardo Bosi asks what he sees our nations current status quo:
its not a bedtime story for kiddies or the highly strung and easily frightened.

This interview will take you through a journey touching on: Are we under martial law? Forced Vaccinations has been operating within the ADF for a long time with many Aussies inflicted and suffering from Toxic Military Vaccines.

During this conversation John pulls back the curtains on Corruption within Lawyers and Judges and Law Enforcement John Wilson said “their last days are upon them”; this is all going to come to an abrupt end for these actors.

Riccardo asked John about Australian Ports and Human Trafficking John unfolded a tale which reveals how and who is running Human Trafficking in Australia.

Bosi noted Vladimir Putin had recently signalled he would break the Antarctic Treaty; interestingly enough this is the only treaty that has not been broken in all fifty years of its existance; both John and Riccardo believe we have some real surprises coming concerning what’s actually in the Antarctic.

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