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Time to Unapologetically Defend Conservative Liberal Values.


Alan Jones takes us on a journey to understand Conservative Liberal Values looking at our past the present and the way forward for a Conservative Liberal Values Nation with a real future and legacy to hand on to the next generation…

Currently we suffer from weak timid lamb mentality political representation who spend all their time remaining in favour with Wokeism and petrified of being called racists instead of presenting Unapologetically Conservative Liberal Values and being Unapologetically a Conservative Lion Heart.

Alan Jones asks where are; the Conservative Lion Heart Roaring being brave of heart, and sure of standing?


Alan Jones: “Here we are, the most resource rich country in the world with coal, iron ore, uranium, magnificent resources so we should have the cheapest energy of any country in the world. That means we grow our wealth; our GDP increases because energy is fed into everything.

So, we go along to all these forums as Davos and at Glasgow and all these places and they persuade us to say, ‘give up your coal, give up your gas, give us your iron ore, give up your uranium and join us with renewable energy so basically it’ll depend on the weather and we’re gonna have energy based on wind and sun’.”

It is time to get up and Unapologetically Defend Conservative Liberal Values and bring our Nation back from abyss of (Schwabisim)

Remain silent and you’ll be inflicted with “Communistic Socialistic Fourth Reich” you'll have nothing and be happy, unless you make their cull and become a victim of a second attempt of “The Final Solution”



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