2022 MAR 07 Truth in Plain Sight about the Bioweapon known as COVID-19 and the Associated (Vaccines) Expert Testimony


Absolute “Crimes Against Humanity”

In the question about Gain-of-Function research, Dr. Richard M Fleming steps forward to provide testimony against those involved in Crimes Against Humanity.

This is one of the most important videos of our times because it exposes crimes against the world's people.

Dr Fleming describes an utterly sinister laboratory-based Gain of Function [GOF] project to develop a deadly synthetic/chimeric virus. Furthermore, he outlines the equally disturbing response to the pandemic that followed this bioweapon's release upon humanity—an utterly sinister process of up to 30 years in development.

His Credentials

  • Medical Doctor - MD degree

  • Areas of speciality - Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine

  • Fellow of American College of Physicians

  • Fellow of the American Society of Internal Medicine

  • PhD in Physics

  • Law Degree - AKA as a JD

  • Inventor in the Medical field - in the area; of imaging the body and determining what sort of disease processes are going on by looking at metabolism and blood flow. Dr Fleming holds patents for his invention.

  • He can interpret medical patents.

  • Author of 400-500 medical papers

  • He serves on the editorial and review boards of medical journals. The obligation of these boards is that when someone submits a paper for publication for reviewers to take; a look at that material to determine if it is scientifically valid, to determine if it makes a difference in the field and makes recommendations back to the editorial board as to whether the paper should be accepted or revised or rejected for publication.


(1.) Dr Fleming exposes the grim reality that no aspect of this project was ever about working for the benefit of humanity. Indeed, the evidence proves that the intention was precisely the opposite all along. This macabre Mengele-like lab experiment involved the development of a lab spliced chimeric bioweapon virus, which would prove to be merely a precursor for the main event.

(2.) The key bioweapon was never going to be the virus at all. It was always the so-called 'vaccines' themselves. It was known by these researchers early on that the main killer would be the 'vaccine' rather than the virus. This shocking reality is exposed comprehensively by this evidence.

(3.) This was why the Covid death rate had to be so severely manipulated to hike the apparent mortality of the virus to panic and coerce populations into submitting themselves to this 'vaccine'. We now know that the real Covid mortality rate would have been somewhere between the common cold and the seasonal flu if we had been allowed access to a host of proven prophylactic protocols and products deliberately withheld from our citizens.

(4.) This deliberate withholding of proven safe products and the subsequent foisting of ineffective, toxic; and exorbitantly priced drugs known to be lethal is an outrageous crime against humanity. In terms of litigation, this brings to the table the question of intent and multiplies the victim's monetary claims exponentially to the degree that these Big-pharma corporations will undoubtedly be financially wiped out. They will be unable to pay any more than 'pennies on the pound' to compensate the likely billions globally, of potential claimants and their families.

(5.) The fact that trial results were serially misrepresented amounts to blatant fraud and internationally completely negates any waivers of liability that these companies imagined they could hide behind.

(6.) There is simply no other plausible explanation for these lethal bioweapons' existence apart from population control and genocide attempts. Yet, this is the tragic reality that Dr Fleming walks us through.

A quick Reference Summary of the Transcript


(1.01) The only animal studies that have been conducted are by independent scientists asking the questions that the vaccine companies should have been asking long ago, which is what are the consequences in animals of the vaccines?

(1.02) Independent animal research has shown that these viruses and vaccines damage the brain and other body organs, potentially including long term prion diseases.

(1.03) The vaccines are now known to affect the haemoglobin molecules of our blood and permanently change the molecules to no longer have the same shape or configuration. As a result, it can no longer bind oxygen, and it won't be able to pick up CO2.

(1.04) The fact is that the spike protein is a gain of function developed virus which by definition; is a bioweapon. So, by replicating that same sequence and putting it into a vaccine, it doesn't matter how you get it into the body. It's still a bioweapon.


(2.01) This looks at the funding of the illegal GOF research, even after the whole process was supposed to have been shut down.

(2.02) It is an absolute shocker to discover that more than 50% of the funding came from the US Dept. of Defence... so in essence US Mainstreet or the taxpayer.

(2.03) The attempted coverup and the deliberate and utterly transparent attempts to skew the science.

(2.04) The fact remains... there remains a huge paper trail of official documents that illustrate both the funding channels and the subterfuge.

(2.05) These are all direct violations of the US Constitution and as such these parties should all be charged with treason.


(3.01) ARR [Absolute risk Reduction] figures of between 0.8 -1.3% show conclusively that these products don't work, and that the Big-pharma companies grossly misrepresented the efficacy of the product using completely misleading Relative Risk Reduction [RRR].

(3.02) These products don't prevent people from getting infected.

(3.03) They don't reduce Covid cases.

(3.04) They don't reduce Covid deaths.

(3.05) They don't prevent transmission.

(3.06) Well-intentioned people only got jabbed because they were fearful due to being duped by a constant bombardment of misinformation.

(3.07) Variants have been pressure selected by shockingly ineffective products... they are a classic case of Leaky Vaccine Syndrome run amuck.

(3.08) These products are still part of a clinical trial that runs until 2023.


(4.01) If you understand that the spike protein of this GOF bioweapon is a dangerous toxin, then why on earth would you synthesise that genetic sequence and put it into a 'vaccine'.

(4.02) These products can be lethal because otherwise perfectly healthy people's immune systems react to what it sees as the biological equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

(4.03) There have been more deaths and injuries from these products than there have been from all combined vaccine products in the last 30 years. Add in the massive and deliberate coverup of adverse reactions and it is only the tip of the iceberg of the real problem. Underreporting historically runs at between 1-10% of actual events.


(5.01) No animal studies were done by the 'vaccine' manufacturers.

(5.02) The only ones that were done were by independent scientists. This independent research has shown that there has been damage to the brain and other body organs caused by these viruses and vaccines.

(5.03) Skipping the animal trials violates every treaty and code that ever existed.

(5.04) The 'vaccine' damages the blood it encounters.

(5.05) mRNA and DNA 'vaccines' affect the ability of red blood cells to transport both oxygen and CO2.

(5.06) The 'vaccines damage both critical components of your immune system.

(5.07) The s-protein is also a GOF bioweapon.

(5.08) The vaccination of children is in effect an experimental live human field trial.


(6.01) All the evidence shows that there is no statistical benefit to using these vaccines.

(6.02) The FDA has admitted that they won't know what the vaccines will do to our children until they do the live human field trial

(6.03) These vaccines have done nothing to solve the problem... they need to be stopped... the vaccine companies need to be held legally accountable.

(6.04) The gain of function research needs to be stopped.

(6.05) There comes a time for people to be held accountable for things that they do.


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