2022 DEC 24 Medical Malfeasance Remdesivir is Veklury’

American Frontline Nurses issue a warning

VEKLURY is the brand name of REMDESIVIR

¤ Beware Other namesGS-5734, RDV

Warnings about this drug from Medical Practitioners have been published they indicate REMDESIVIR is the FAILED “TRAIL DRUG” Fauci put forward for testing against Ebola it caused multiple deaths due to causing Fatal Kidney Failure it appears if COVID isn’t going to kill you REMDESIVIR got a great chance to finish you off.


On 10 July 2020 the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) granted provisional approval to remdesivir ("Veklury", Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd) as the first treatment option for COVID-19.

ORIGINAL SOURCE DETAILS:   https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/6298

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