2022 DEC 07 NZ Gov vs. BABY WILL today Court Defies Evidence and Parents Request. "We need overseas solutions"

URGENT PLEASE WATCH: Lets Rescue Baby Will

Reignite Democracy Australia: Leader Monica issue Global Call for Help for Baby Will located in New Zealand.

Recap: Today 7th Dec 2022 the New Zealand Government vs. 4-month-old Baby Will — Outcome NZ Gov & Court Defies the Evidence and the Parents Request to use Unvaccinated Blood for Critical Heart Surgery.

We need solutions for Baby Will! Please watch.
Baby Will needs... An overseas solution

1. A paediatric cardiologist ANYWHERE in the world where parents can choose to use unvaccinated blood.

2. If no.1 is sorted, FUNDING for the travel and operation will be needed

3. Tomorrow from 12pm-1pm your local time…we are doing a GLOBAL ONE-HOUR praying/meditation for a solution.

If you can help in any manner Contact Monica via Email: Admin@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au


In court 6th Dec a critical admission was made to the courts that “VACCINATED DONORS BLOOD” even after being filtered and prepped for the blood banks use has mNRA remnants remaining in the blood!

“The blood is contaminated with traces of mNRA”



Original Clip Source: Facebook Page Reignite Democracy Australia

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